DS Lite Gets New Shades In Japan

Nintendo has announced that it will bring two more lavish DS Lite colors to Japan: Metallic Rose and Gloss Silver. This now brings the total count of DS Lite colors in Japan to seven, two of them being a shade of Pink.

Both will hit Japan on June 23.

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PS360WII4756d ago

I guess this ensures Nintendo selling another few million in Japan...
but aren't those two colors kind of exactly like say.... pink and silver?

neogeo4756d ago

"this thing will never sell. Nintendo's kiddy stuff again"

ITR4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

I like the glossy silver one.

Looks like the orig DS color.

I'd like a metallic black one or maybe a candy apple red one.

jedicurt4756d ago

I actually have been waiting to upgrade my DS to a Lite because i didn't really like any of the colors other than the flat black... a Glossy silver was actually on my list as a color that i would consider.

Hurry up and come to the US