Rumor: Warner Bros. had no interest in wrestling game, rights may return to TNA

From Gamertell:

"...TNA sources said the rights may bounce back to TNA since Warner Bros. wasn't interested in purchasing them. TNA officials won't comment on what, if anything, is happening with the game."

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Cliff Forster3271d ago

Shhhhhh, very rarely, but occasionally I will admit that I watch just a little rastlin. TNA had some fresh faces, but the unfortunate reality is that once they are in a position to be noticed, they can just up and leave for the big leagues. What they need to do is shrink their roster, go with the younger guys and just two or three Vets tops. Make them all partners in the company and profit share in hopes of keeping guys once they make a name for themselves. They also need to insist on the guys that are drug free, and just clean up the business in general.