Off the Grid: The Legend of Dragoon

Dualshockers writes:

[Off the grid is a weekly column focusing on titles that may have flown under many people's radar at the time of release, for whatever reason. Usually the titles have some redeeming quality and weren't just overlooked because they were horrible games.]

The late '90s was prime-time for the Final Fantasy franchise. Between 1997 and 2001 four Final Fantasy titles were released. There was so much Final Fantasy goodness hitting our PlayStations that we hardly had time to think of any other RPGs. Those two words were so ingrained in our brains that, to the uninitiated RPG fan, there were no others. But, if you looked beyond those titles, there were some great RPGs to discover, and one of them is The Legend of Dragoon.

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Chadness3362d ago

All this makes me want to go play it again...wonder where it's stored away...

Bnet3433361d ago

Most underrated RPG of all time. Sony needs to make a sequel already but there's no support. Cult classic forever. SPINNING CANE!

SaiyanFury3361d ago

It's an all-time classic. I played 35 hours in it in the space of a weekend. I hope that Sony makes it available to us RPG fans.

ChozenWoan3361d ago

This game was just as good as FF7 & FF8 which released around the same time. Been waiting on the sequel every since... So somebody needs to get to work and make it happen. I've got $60 ready to the first dev who makes my dream a reality.

BROOKLYN N-M-E3362d ago

There are so many games that go "under the grid", i'm looking forward to seeing more stories like this!

BlackIceJoe3361d ago

I so wish Sony would put Legend of Dragoon on PSN. Plus I so want a Legend of Dragoon 2. I would really enjoy playing LoD again and if it could lead up to LoD2 that would be great.

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The story is too old to be commented.