IGN - Bad Company 2: Multiplayer Beta Hands-on

IGN: PlayStation 3 gamers are in for a special treat on November 19 when the Bad Company 2 multiplayer beta launches exclusively for their favorite system. PC gamers can look for a beta to launch in December, while Xbox 360 users can expect a different demo to launch early next year.

I recently got the chance to venture down US-101 to EA's Redwood Shores studio to get my hands on the PS3 version of the multiplayer beta. Players can look forward to a classic Battlefield experience with tons of vehicles and finely tuned geometry that encourages large vehicular skirmishes in the beta map titled Arica Harbor.

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TooTall193268d ago

but why would the xbox team cover the PS3 beta. I just thought the PS3 team on IGN would jump right on that