YLOD Becomes The Latest Scam Victim

The PS3's Yellow Light of Death has now become a victim of online scams, with a new website offering a PDF guide for the cost of $24, when it has been available for free for months.

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The_Devil_Hunter3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

[email protected], I was a victim, I had to pay $150 for a refurb....

gaffyh3268d ago

Lol same here, only more, £150 (~$200-250) in UK. I'm not going to pay that ever again, if it ylods again I'm gonna threaten legal action and hopefully get a new PS3 slim for free. I've heard that you can do this.

Dark_Overlord3268d ago

Rather than pay Sony £150 AND lose all my data, I decided to go ahead and fix it myself, and I must say it runs quiter now than it ever has.

Whoever Sony employs to put the thermal paste in the PS3 needs sacking, the state of it is horrendous (looks very cheaply done)

Apocwhen3268d ago

Yep, had it too. My 60gb BC PS3 got the infamous YLOD last week too. Fixed it myself. Sony looking for almost the price of a new one and all I get in return is a refurb with a 3 month warranty.