Sports Gaming: So, which console is the best for sports gaming?

The holiday season is right around the corner and if you haven't noticed Play-Station 3 is really pushing its product with its new commercials.

The question now is which system fits you best, and which one would you want to be playing sports games on?

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wxer3269d ago

thats way sport games sells better on the PS3

while on the xbox its shooters

HolyOrangeCows3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

*Free online play
*graphics on par or above other consoles
*controls are on par or better than the other systems
*Sports Exclusives (MLB, NBA: the inside)

mikeslemonade3269d ago

Wii is not HD and offers no real sports simulation. 360 has nothing to counter with MLB 09 so PS3 wins. PS3 is the best sports player.

EvilTwin3269d ago

Depends on the game.

TW10? Plays best on Wii.

Madden? Either 360 or PS3.

Pro Evo Soccer? Wii.

NBA 2K or Live? 360 or PS3.

kratos1233269d ago

pas down the thing your smoking it must be really good if you think pro evo is good on wii

NaiNaiNai3269d ago

Sports games. you mean people are still to lazy to go out and really play sports.

XD I mean they hired a dog killer back into the NFL I'm sure most of the people here could get in.

Lou Ferrigno3269d ago

pro athletes play sports games.. they lazy then?

BTW for nhl,its PS3 all the way.. for madden its either 360 or ps3...
for soccer,its PS3 and for Tiger woods,probably the Wii.

cmrbe3269d ago

wii has wii graphics and you will have to give your x360 and hour break after 4 hrs contineous play.

mastiffchild3269d ago

Well, I play mainly on my PS3 with sports games but have to say that the most innovative footy game for an age is Pro Evo on the Wii and there's a few things they should shoe horn into the PS3 release, imo, too.

That said I'm more into playying either Fifa or PES on PS3 for the better online and not 360 because the controller doesn't suit me or many sports games either, imo, and I, too, have had 360s fail too often to get games like PES(which when on a master league session I can play all day)for mine these days.

Maybe it's also because the DS3 is so similar to the DS2 which we played games like PES on for years and it just feels right. Also, for me, football doesn't belong on a US console;)I think, even in Xbox1 days the percentage of people owning that console and playing sports games was lower than PS2 anyway. Like shooters do better on 360 sports titles often do on PS-just the way it's fallen demographic wise to me.

reintype3269d ago

The PS3 if you like your sports videogame in HD. It also has all the sports games of XBOX 360 + 1, the best Baseball Videogame, MLB 09: The SHOW.

The WII, if you like your sports videogames with motion controls.

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The story is too old to be commented.