What Does the Future Hold for Video Game Prices?

This article at Gameplayer identifies changes that are occurring in the games marketplace and looks into how they may influence the prices of video games.

"Three major changes are stirring beneath the surface, all of them with the potential to change the face of the market. They are the growth in the sale of pre-owned games, the expansion of online retail and the emergence of a centralised global currency. Together, they could pressure the local industry to reduce the price of video games."

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RH064573d ago

I hope they can bring the price down, but you never know.

ITR4572d ago

Probably a $10 increase on all games.

Bullseye4572d ago

Erm.....erm....No, wait, wait,oooh, i know this one.They'll go up right? I'm sure that's it, no really, that's right isn't it?

As for pre owned games, i know of at least one well known chain that tries to pass off pre owned as new and charge full price and claim that 360 games don't all come sealed when new!

SlappingOysters4572d ago

There's a good argument they will go down, in Australia at least where they are super expensive to begin with.

Since EB has a policy of allowing you to return any game within a week of purchase you would have to think stacks of their 'new' games are used.