Australia: 360 120GB HDD Goes On Sale Tomorrow

Luke Plunkett of said,

"That's right. While there's a deafening silence from Microsoft Australia HQ on when we'll be seeing the Elite 360, those tearing strips off the curtains while shrieking uncontrollably for more storage space for their 360 can...stop that disturbing practice. The 360's 120GB HDD goes on sale in Australia tomorrow, and will set you back AUD$229."

Strangely, the AUD$169 HDD will still be on shelves.

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Close_Second4578d ago

Can't believe they're trying to porn this off for $229. Mind you, I have no need for one as I stream all my music & videos from my PC to my 360. If the 360 could record TV (Tivo style) then I would get one.

I actually hate the fact that neither the 360 or PS3 can record off the TV.