Look What's Surfacing at Microsoft Q&A

Executive Q&A: What the new surface computing category means for Microsoft and consumers.

What is surface computing? Is anyone else doing this?

Tom Gibbons: Surface computing is a completely intuitive and liberating way to interact with digital content. It blurs the lines between the physical and virtual worlds. By using your hands or placing other unique everyday objects on the surface – such as an item you're going to purchase at a retail store or a paint brush – you can interact with, share and collaborate like you've never done before. Imagine you're out at a restaurant with friends and you each place your beverage on the table – and all kinds of information appears by your glass, such as wine pairings with a restaurant's menu. Then, with the flick of your finger, you order dessert and split the bill. We really see this as broadening content opportunities and delivery systems.

Microsoft is the first major technology company to bring surface computing to market in a commercially ready product. Although there are some companies working on similar technology projects, nobody is doing exactly what we are with Surface.

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BitbyDeath4747d ago

Great, another way for the Government to track our every move, whooray

ChanDangle4747d ago

This sorta reminds me of minority report for some reason.

gta_cb4746d ago

yeh i can kinda see why, the techs getting futuristic lol.

power of Green 4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

Are you one of those anti government/big-successful-comp any ultra left wing liberals. J/K

BitbyDeath4747d ago

lol dude no.

Just thought i'd kick off the conversation.

clownfacemcgee4747d ago

The government is trying to infiltrate your mind!!!!one. They are collaborating with the aliens to read your thoughts!!!!!one. The only way to stop them is to send me $500 for a specialized helmet to stop the aliens/government from reading your mind!!!!!!!one.

P.M. me for details on how exactly to send me $500 and to give me the address to send the tin foil *cough* *cough*, I mean helmet, to.

gta_cb4746d ago

got to say, either your mind is ... "unique" or you must have thought hard about that comment... or something. anyway yeh nice post made me smile. especially good if someone actually PMs you haha!

StateofMind4747d ago

First of all, this doesn't have much to do with games...yet.

Secondly, I honestly believe this technology is going to go very far. I fully expect to have something like this in my home and at whatever places I shop at in the not so distant future.

Dr Pepper4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

Someone brought it up earlier but I'll say it again: this would be awesome for RTS games. I also see this tech going very far and becoming very popular.

USMChardcharger4747d ago

just in case you are making the point that this article does not belong on this site because it is not for games...if you look at the section this is is in the Tech section where it belongs.

i may be jumping to conclusions but it seemed to be what you are implying.

clownfacemcgee4747d ago

This is what Microsoft was talking about announcing at midnight? Damnit, I'm really disappointed. I was hoping for a handheld games console. Ooooooooooh!!! I can TOUCH the screen. This is soooooo incredible.

Alright, I'm over-reacting. This is probably fairly cool. I guess I'm just blind sided by this not relating to gaming. I really don't see how this is so revolutionary though. It might be a tiny bit easier sometimes than a mouse and keyboard, but not nearly as versatile. Btw, FYI to MS, there are already touch screen computers, and they're on display at Best Buy. (guess you never go there)

Dr Pepper4747d ago

Did you read the whole article?
It's a lot more than just touch screen.

snoop_dizzle4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

there is a video in a link in a story i posted(the story should be right below this one), and there is about a 15min demonstration. Its way further ahead than whats out now. They also show some interesting functionality with credit cards and the zune as well.

clownfacemcgee4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

Got a lot of respect for you snoop, but from the article, it looks like a fancily named, hyped up, touch screen with a few features. So it can read credit cards, they've read credit cards since the Diner's Club. They say stuff like browsing through pictures. You click a button, and maybe even drag the picture somewhere, but it's still all controlled through putting your finger on the screen or "table" as they say which is just a fancy word for screen. This is so not revolutionary. I don't care if everyone is using it in 5 years, it still won't be revolutionary, because it's already been done.

Manipulation of maps is all software, and multi-touch means... 2 pointers on screen at once if you touch 2 places at once?

It interacts with the Zune. Oooooooooh. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Like a computer or 360 does? They say, you'll put a glass on the table, and it'll display stuff on your glass. Cool? What do you need to display on my glass? And you'll snap you fingers and it'll order desserts and split your bill, and scratch your ass. Great? Why couldn't a normal computer do that? It sounds like a computer with a touch screen and a fancy, hyped, name, by every way they describe it. Btw, have fun spilling your glass of water on this "table".

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The story is too old to be commented.