STP: 33rd Division Review

STP writes: "Path-drawing games on the iPhone typically put you in charge of directing planes, boats, and other soulless machines. If you screw up (and you will), well, that's just one less vehicle for Giant Corporation X. But in Craneballs Studio's 33rd Division, you're responsible for the lives of soldiers who can talk, bleed, and die. The humanity of the little dudes, in addition to intense gameplay that alternates between stealth and speed, helps 33rd Division stand out from the path-drawing genre like blood on the snow.

Okay, that's a little grim. 33rd Division is set on enemy grounds during World War II, so there will be death, but the game's aesthetics (highlighted by a title screen featuring military personnel in too-big helmets) are pretty lighthearted. As an omniscient General, you're responsible for shepherding your troops across one of four battlefields crawling with German soldiers. By tracing a line to the safe zone, you help your men past trenches, machine gun nests, barracks, and German Shepherd dogs."

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