Xbox 360 Completely Absent from Toys R Us Catalog in Spain writes:

"Millions of kids all over Europe today received their mega holiday Toys R Us holiday catalogs in the mail. While flipping through its pages looking for items to fill out their wish lists to Santa, there is one thing they won't be able to do - find any information about Microsoft's Xbox 360. We eagerly grabbed our catalog here in Spain when it arrived, and we noticed something strange in the video game section. While Sony has a lot of coverage, there is not a single mention of Microsoft's console or its games."

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clinker3267d ago

Appearing in the Toys R Us catalog is actually a pretty big deal. Millions of kids use those books to pick out what their xmas presents will be. This is very, very bad for Microsoft in Europe and very good for Sony.

I wonder how much space the Xbox 360 got in America?

Gandalf3267d ago

Enough is enough! I have had it with these mother******* RROD's on the mother******* 360's!

kira423267d ago

when advertisers would leave the ps3 out of flyers sometimes and have 2 pages for the 360 and i would say to myself "Huh...what the hell wheres the ps3 stuff"

vhero3267d ago

Would be a good deal if Sony did a deal with toys r us but even if they havn't it makes sense after all the complaints they had with customers returning 360's. Especially since Toys R Us give extended warranty on consoles.

Stevo353267d ago

Before you take away my bubbles...
think of the story last week where none of the kids in the survey said they wanted an XBox for Christmas. Why would Toys R Us waste money on advertising stuff kids don't want.

kira423267d ago

Guys got a point thats probably why the psp go not in there too

gtamike1233267d ago

Maybe cause people keep returning it cause of Red Ring of Death.

Nathan Drake23267d ago

that's right.who wants has only sold 52 million units.same as xbox and x360 together.

clinker3267d ago

The PSP is in the catalog, just not the PSP Go.

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