Gordon Van Dyke Touches On PS3/PC BFBC2 Beta Exclusivity

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Yesterday when the news broke out about the PS3 beta, I got a lot of tweets, emails and spam asking why there was no 360 beta. My quick answer was, "Xbox Live is rock solid". Many took that as a jab at the PS3 version of the game. It wasn't meant to be. After coming to a point of thought where it may have been the way I responded yesterday that started all of this, I understand why people would get upset. What I should have said is this, "The 360 version of BFBC2 is rock solid on Xbox Live.""

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GR8 13268d ago

It isn't rocket science, everyone knows that xbox live is better.

Double073268d ago

It isnt rocket science, everyone knows your a useless douchebag that trolls every article because you quite clearly have no games to play or nothing better to do :3

ZBlacktt3268d ago

How's the console reliability though? Yeah, though so. How can you play a single thing when you are shipping it off twice, three times a year?

Foliage3268d ago

Yup, programming on dated PC hardware is easier than programming on an untapped cell processor.

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koehler833268d ago

They're absolutely right, but I think every platform should always have a beta.

wxer3268d ago

well EA dose make most of its money out of the PS3 between consoles

toaster3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

We all know this game is going to be better than MW2 anyways.

I'm just kidding... What I want to say is, GIMME BETA NOW!!

Seriously though. PSN is gonna have a real treat when the beta releases.

Yeah yeah, you know you wanna click that agree button. ------>

sikbeta3268d ago

Yep, EA support the crew that support its games, so everything good about this

RockmanII73268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Their is a demo coming out in early 2010 for PC/PS3/360, so everyone will be able to play it before release.

raztad3268d ago


This is somewhat funny. Tell me if xbox owners wouldnt love to try a "rock solid" beta

What a bad luck you have fellow PS3 gamers, you got a no so solid beta, coming to a PS3 close to you. Sad, very sad :D

WenisWagon3268d ago

Looks like the inferior ps3 version is riddled with bugs and glitches and thus needs a beta, while the 360 version is rock solid, as stated by the developers themselves. PC version just needs a beta because its the frostbite engine's first time on a PC game, so that is understandable.

morganfell3268d ago

Not getting my clicky. Rephrasing is still a jab and still bitter. I love how people complain about this beta exclusivity after they were silent over COD4's beta. Or else they have nothing to say about Valve's recent idiotic comments.

badz1493268d ago

and will complaint about anything! even when it rains, people are complaining to god why it's raining! but the guys should off thought a bit before replying because he's 1 of the dev of the game and people will take his words in so many ways if not clearly explained!

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dork07833268d ago

Where can I sign up for the beta at? cause I'm not gonna pre-order it yet.

OOG FunK3268d ago

ugh I don't know if they released any other info other then the pre order... im sure sites will have some codes as well.

OOG FunK3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Ah what can you say people love to jump to conclusions instead of waiting for a proper comment.

@The people calling this a duplicate article.... the other one is a video interview.... not the same article.

ZBlacktt3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Tordavis: Was the PS3 beta an exclusive deal made by Sony?
Gordon: No, it was just down to logistics & timing.

I miss where he says PSN is crap? Or did someone just add an opinion to the subject? Is not the CODMW2 on the Xbox already going through issues of player's going outside the map? Yes, and the game is not even out yet. So yeah who needs a beta? All game formats do.

Here, Xbox player's going outside the map in CODMW2 already.

OOG FunK3268d ago

lol yeah he doesn't say its crap.... but you know how people are... they don't actually think b4 they type... the just make assumptions

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