Starcraft: Ghost still slated for release?

Fairly recent news states that Best Buy is allowing the pre-order of Starcraft: Ghost. Many just thought this game was canned. So does Blizzard still have this game in the works or is Best Buy giving false info?

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4754d ago

just like Duke Nuke'um Forever.

Charlie26884754d ago

Last time I checked many places will make you preorder ANYTHING...even canceled or non existant games...

I am sorry unless they COMPLETELY remake the game I doubt the guys from Blizzard would have released the garbage that Ghost was going to be...remember Blizzard ONLY release good games :)

grifter0244754d ago

Yes I agree with both of you, We got ourselves another DN Forever on our hands. Plus the preorder is true I preordered Frame City Killers couple months later find out that it's been canceled go to get my money back from the preorder and they say they dont have it on file so no money back. I was like WTF thanks man skiddish.

Seraphim4754d ago

to bad, so sad. This game is still on my wish list. Although I know it's very in-probable that the game will ever see the light of day. I'd like to say I'd give a jewel for it, but that would be pushing it. It's a shame Blizzard had to dump such a long developed project. More so a shame that they didn't deliver as they had originally promised. A little ounce of hope still burns with desire to Ghost released. In no way will I take this as a possibility though. Shame on Best Buy for giving false hope to all the idiots who will believe Ghost is in fact coming... Shame on Blizzard if it is coming and they notified us gamers who do care.