PlayStation LifeStyle: Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny Review

Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny is a near perfect fighting experience, exactly what you've come to expect from the franchise. Those who are new to the series will love the varied character roster and robust move-set. The game certainly doesn't have any groundbreaking features, but it's fantastic nonetheless. If you are a fan of fighting games this is a must-buy, as it holds it's own with the very best fighting games the PSP has to offer. The soul still burns.

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Trexman893270d ago

No matter how small the screen, Ivy's breasts will always look huge.

decimalator3270d ago

Sony announces an external monitor for the PSP exclusively for Soulcalibur tit viewing

T3mpr1x3270d ago

Mmm... Fun stuff that.

dopeboimagic923266d ago

This has Kratos in it, correct? That in itself warrants a purchase!