GamingShogun Reviews Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising writes: "To start with, you will be put in charge of a four-man US Marine fire team. This usually consists, aside from yourself in the lead role, of a grenadier, support gunner, and rifleman. Each mission starts with a briefing screen showing various items of interest on the large map of the island. You can also choose to view the blue forces available during the missions. In this screen, I was hoping to be able to customize my team's loadout before embarking on the mission. Unfortunately, Codemasters does not allow this - I am assuming for the sake of realism. Even if they would not let us choose any weapon we like, which I can understand, and just narrowed it down to armaments in the same category as the default ones - this would have been enough to make me happy. After understanding your mission's primary and secondary objectives, its time to deploy - Hoorah!"

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