New Halo 3 Weapons, Equipment, Maps and Features Confirmed

The latest issue of GamePro reveals several new details concerning the third installment of Bungie's critically acclaimed first person shooter, Halo.

Taken from GameFaqs:


Magnum - The Magnum is much improved since Halo 2, dishing out slower, more punishing shots. But it's still not back to Halo 1 strength, as the clip currently carries just eight rounds and you can't zoom in. Still a nice, precise choice for dual-wield combos.

Energy Sword - The infamous Sword gets two tweaks aimed at balancing its overwhelming power. One change is a brief weapon-switch delay. The second adjustment is more controversial: the Energy Sword now has an ammo meter that depletes with each attack, which keeps players from hoarding it indefinitely.


Wraith - The lumbering Covenant Wraith returns with a new player-operated secondary turret. It's helpful for driving off boarding attempts.

Brute Chopper - This ugly, jagged Brute Chopper looks like something Firefly's Reavers might drive into battle. Its twin cannons nad heavy, blade-like chassis can pulverize lesser vehicles in a nanosecond.


Radar Jammer - Hurl this item into a fight and watch as chaos and confusion engulf friend and foe alike. The jammer scrambles the radar of all nearby players and triggers disco-like light flashes to further disorient your prey.


Shrine - A UNSC battle cruiser looms menacingly over Shrine's sprawling sand dunes. Shrine is the largest map ever to appear in a Halo game, so Bungie put a key emphasis on vehicle-on-vehicle combat. Shrine has few ties to older Halo 2 maps, but its massive size recalls Relic.

Epitaph - Epitaph is an arcane Forerunner cathedral-like structure that towers above the surrounding wasteland. The central killing floor is crisscrossed with elevated walkways, exterior hallways, and lifts. It's a spiritual successor to Halo 2 maps like Colossus, Gemini, and Midship.

Last Resort - Zanzibar, one of Halo 2's most beloved maps, has been rebuilt and rechristened Last Resort for Halo 3. This industrial site is almost twice as big, with a less cluttered internal layout and more paths into the flag room.

Secret Map - Bungie sneakily sent us two mysterious concept paintings labeled only as "Work in Progress Map." We see the icey motif and pray for a new Lockout, but only Bungie knows the truth.


Create a Spartan:

Tired of staring at Master Chief's ugly mug? Halo 3's online mode offers new armor permutations that allow players to customize their personas from head to toe. Will the Covenant Elite player models be eligible for similar upgrades? Only Bungie knows.

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TheSadTruth4576d ago

Sorry about the source being a forum post, when a credible site updates the information (probably GamePro first), I will update the story

Diselage4576d ago

It's to late now but you really shouldn't post links that don't do any thing and remember your trying to post a summary. This post is way to long.

The BS Police4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

We get to use the SP1 armor that the Spartan 3's used in Ghosts Of Onyx, aswell as other unknown types.

I wonder what the Elites will have?

SF49er4084576d ago

That armor and helmets look so bad ass. Im glad theyll let u customize. i like this cause people will remember what i look like when i kill them. thats why 16 player max is the best cause it is so personal it really gets ur heart pumpin when u see the same fool owning every time n u want to kill him. having like 32 u dont know who u are fighting n its like killing a bot. thats why gears is so sick. 4 players vs 4. u know whos talking sh*t n u can find em.

SF49er4084576d ago

vehicle that can cut through other vehicles. awesome.

AbyssGravelord4576d ago

Wow this is just making me more excited I hope that there are still plenty more maps coming with the game and maybe just maybe that Map Creator!!!

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