Forza 2 - IGN gives 8.9

Forza 2 is about the cars. And along with creating a racing beast with upgrades (and the ability to swap powertrains), you can also create your own, unique skins. In the original Forza, gamers had a few hundred layers to create inspired works of art. In Forza 2, they have several thousand. The improved decal options enable gamers to create any look they want for almost any car they own. Cars can be gifted with a skin so that you can create an impromptu racing clan, all with an identical look.

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The Shadow4747d ago

well, IGN can elaborate it properly, FM2 just lacks soul. On the demo, I only played it 3 times then I get bored, sure it has lots of exciting cars to choose, but driving the car doesn't make me excited and there was no sense of speed.

Saint Sony4747d ago

I would not judge this game based on demo only. Demo barely ever has soul, you have to experience the full game, community and all the multiplayer fun to say that about Forza2. I am pretty sure there is and will be great soul in that game.

8.9 is good, not every reviewer really loves sims. I know many that prefer to play arcade type of racing and say Forza2 just does not do the trick to them.

What comes to sense of speed. I have no problems of experiencing great sense of speed in it.

Close_Second4747d ago

...not quite the finished product but I agree that it seemed flat and the sense of speed was not quite right.

What really annoys me is all the Xbots that defended the graphics prior to its release and now we have 3 separate reviews stating that the graphics are the games weakest point. I for one commented several times on the less then stellar graphics and hope that Forza 3 rectifies this. I just hope we don't have to wait for the Xbox 720 to see it...

cuco334747d ago

one of the things ign stated was that it was TOO MUCH of a sim

ok... so they would rather play NFS titles... i see their point
:bashes head:

SDS Overfiend4747d ago

A Chick Writing a Review of a Racing game? I sorry im not a Male Narcissist toward women but i mean how does a racer have no Soul?

The Chick is out of her damn Mind. She must have lost plenty a man to cars.

The Panther4747d ago

Hilary Goldstein is a dude, he is the editor of the xbox channel at ign

CrazzyMan4747d ago

but not awesome. =]

7.0 Presentation - The single-player mode could use some polish as could the interface and just about every area outside of the racing elements.
7.0 Graphics - Jaggies, jaggies, and more jaggies. At times, it appears this is LEGO Forza Motorsport 2. The drab colors and weak art design don't help. 60fps is welcome, though.
8.0 Sound - There are some great variants in engine sounds, but it's nothing beyond what we've come to expect from racers. Some of the ambient noise is a little buggy.
9.0 Gameplay - The car physics are just about perfect. The gameplay, however, feels a bit soulless and at times gets a little redundant.
9.5 Lasting Appeal - There's a lot to do here, with an enormous single-player game and some decent multiplayer options. If you love, you'll love it for a long, long time.
8.9 - Great OVERALL (out of 10 / not an average)

probably a good game to spent time till GT5 is released. =)

Cartesian3D4747d ago

Forza2 : Gamespot 9.2 and IGN 8.9

God of war 2: Gamespot 9.2 and IGN 9.8


anyway 8.9 is very good..

Shadow Flare4747d ago

Hilary Goldstein is a guy by the way. They mock him about his name on the IGN gamescoop podcasts. They send heavy mockage his direction. 8.9 is not a crap score to be honest. Anything above an 8 is good, and for the enthusiasts, they'll prob eat this game up. But personally ever since i saw this game, nothing thrilled me about it. And i'll leave it at that. The roads await Gran Turismo 5

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The story is too old to be commented.