European Blu-ray Disc Sales Jump Following PS3 Release

PS3 significantly helping European Blu-ray Disc cause

The Sony PlayStation 3 isn't only a powerful piece of gaming hardware; it's also one of the best Blu-ray Disc players currently on the market. PlayStation 3 owners are well of this fact, and may likely be using the console as a part-time HD movie player.

Following the North American release of the PS3 in November 2006, Blu-ray movie sales surged significantly – making up for ground lost to the more economical HD DVD standard. A similar trend is now occurring in Western Europe, where the PlayStation 3 launched on March 23.

According to data from the Blu-ray Disc Association, as cited by Pocket-lint, HD DVD comfortably outsold Blu-ray Disc up until the launch of the PS3. In the week immediately after the console's European launch, Blu-ray discs accounted for almost 87% of all HD disc sales, and not since trailed HD DVD sales.

Recent weekly figures from Europe put Blu-ray sales three times greater than that of HD DVD, with the now-leading format accounting for 64 percent of the total volume in 2007. The quick turn of the tide, however, reflects how easily it is to sway favor in a still relatively small niche market.

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Lord Anubis4755d ago

its only a matter of time before a format champion takes the reigns.

gta_cb4754d ago

well i REALLY hope your right as i want a winner before the next gen consoles come out as we are most likely to have another format (especially with PS4) which will hold even more data then BluRay.

so yeh bring on the winner PLEASE!

oh and i do expect another format especially with this news

Husso4755d ago

Toshiba needs to man up and accept defeat.

Phantom_Lee4755d ago

I dont think they will as long as they are making may not be alot...but it will probably be enough....

Bathyj4755d ago

Ummm, NO. The quick turn of the tide shows what a great influence PS3 is going to have in the outcome of the format war. Once there are 10 million PS3's in the world by the end of the year does anyone really think HDDVD will still stand a chance? I wish they would just give up now because all they are doing is delaying the enevitable and harming the HD movie industry as a whole. People would be more willing to adopt HD movies once the Victor has emerged for sure. This uncertainty is doing no one any favours.

TheMART4755d ago

But there are a few flaws in your post


The launch in EUrope for the PS3 was great. AFter that sales dropped so freakin' hard. Thus, the launch did well for the BR players, but after that its marginally.

Dude, it sold just over 3 million PS3's in 6.5 months. How do you expect it'll sell 10 million in 13.5 months? (from half nov. 2006 to the end of dec. 2007). Tell me. Especially without the big guns like MGS4 and FFIII (delayed untill Spring 2008...)

PS3 might just get to about 6 million at the end of this year.

North America: 90k sales a month at the moment
Japan: 8k sales a month
Europe: about on par with NA, maybe just above, lets say 100k a month

THat's just under 200k a month world wide, that's what the 360 sells in USA alone a month..

200k a month x 5
December/Christmas extra sales, lets say 1 million world wide.

5 x 200k = 1 million.

Combined 2 million in the coming months + 3.5 sold or so.
There you go.

Uganda644755d ago

Except it sells 8k in Japan a week. 360 sells 8k a month.
You're not factoring in the fact that these are the slowest months of the year, the fact that MGS4 has NOT been delayed, the fact that Uncharted, Lair, Sigma, R&C5, Home, GT5Prologue, Heavenly Sword, LittleBigPlanet, Warhawk and the non exclusive GTA4, DMC4, Assassin's Creed etc are all coming out in the coming months, and nothing has really been released since MotorStorm.

And I'd bet my life on a price drop this year, 100-200. Sony can afford it since the costs have gone down immensely since launch, esp the '$125 'Blu-ray drive and the '$500' motherboard with Cell chips. I use '' because those are really just guesses, and people still think Sony is losing ~240 on each PS3. They plan to make back the 3 or so billion sunk into the PS3 by the end of this year. That tells you something about cost cutting, but they may not reach that target with price drops.

naturalgamer4755d ago

@ theMART ... you and your numbers.

xyz sold bla bla bla
abc sold bla bla bla
123 sold bla bla bla ....

nobody cares for this §hit - i'm playing my ps3 and i have fun so move on boi!!!!

NikV34754d ago

if you look at weely sales charts in japan the ps3 is at its lowest point right now sell 8k a WEEK not a MONTH

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fenderputty4755d ago

I just bought Pirates one and two on blu-ray. They gave me a 10$ discount for getting both at the same time. That makes my total BD movies up to 5. Once lair and sigma come out, I'll have that many games too.

sak5004755d ago

OMG..more news from Bluray camp. ALready 2 articles were posted earlier. I just d/l my HD movies. Pirates one and 2 both in HD wmv format to play on my 360.

gta_cb4754d ago

must cost alot for the HD-DVD discs? and also the time to decode and then burn them, and also to download them (if you have a slow broadband connection) so with this in mind i never even bothered about it.

sak5004754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

Ever heard about torrents? The crackers usually do the necessary work and upload the torrents on the websites. The compressed versions @ 720p rez usually fit on dual layer dvd 9 which is just a regular dvd but with dual layer so effectively upto 8.5gb data can fit on it. Normally i keep em on my pc and stream to xbox360. Some i burn and keep for watching later.

I have a 2mbps connection with no d/l limit so an 8gb file takes 3-4 hours to d/l.

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