Gamezebo: Hostile Makeover Review

Gamezebo writes: "Hostile Makeover is a hidden object game based off Ellen Byerrum's chick-lit mystery novel and the Lifetime television movie by the same name. While the twisty plot is heavily inspired by both, the game's storyline takes off in a few new directions of its own.

Like the book and movie, the game's protagonist is sassy Lacey Smithsonian, a fashion reporter and writer for the Eye Street Observer. When someone starts shooting bullets instead of photos, Lacey becomes a witness to murder. The victim, Amanda Manville, was a popular model and fashion designer with her fair share of enemies.

It all began when Amanda went from an ugly duckling to supermodel after extensive cosmetic surgery, but unfortunately, the surgery also transformed her from a soup kitchen volunteer into a ruthless diva. From stealing her sister's designs to dumping her fiancee on national television, she had a way of upsetting everyone around her, and plenty of people wanted her dead. Amanda feared for her life, but Lacey crossed it off as crazy paranoia. Feeling guilty for not believing the murdered model, Lacey takes it on herself to find Amanda's killer."

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