Other Gaming: A look at MAG

One of our admin received the beta for MAG, here are his views and experience of the game so far

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YLOD Service Tech3270d ago

MAG is a generic shooter loaded with over the top player count. It's a clusterf**k online. If I were Zipper, I'd pull the plug on further development. This game will end up like their falling franchise, Socom.

Pennywise3270d ago

Says the boy who's mommy won't buy him a PS3.

IRetrouk3269d ago

have you played it yet? i have and its crazy online better than any shooter i have played this gen, if this game is so generic then wat does that say about halo?

Blaster_Master3270d ago

It can be a cluster f*ck if people dont know what they are doing. But if you got a good squad, the game gives a really rewarding experience.

AK463270d ago

Very addicting, so true.

Chubear3270d ago

Fun, addictive mayhem... what else do you want from a massive online FPS? :)

sikbeta3269d ago

People forget about that and start to talk crap

HEY!!! 256 Players at the SAME TIME!!! with NO lag!!!

talltony3269d ago

Not for me. Just too big and I like instant gratification. I dnt get that with this game. Just not for me but I can see alot of hardcore socom fans playing it.

randomwiz3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

MAG feels like crap when you lose, but its so fun when you win.
(its fun whenever you are platoon leader, squad leader, or OIC even if you lose)

the only con i find about this game is sabotage game mode... no SL abilities, no PL, no OIC, defend/attack A...defend/attack B... defend/attack satellite uplink... BORING!

cyberwaffles3268d ago

still upset that the beta is over. i got to level 40 OIC before the patch came in and i was at level 30 on friday night hoping i could upgrade all of my weapons and gear again but i had to go out for the weekend.

i wanted my damn anti-tank mines and to try out some new gear that i haven't tried yet. oh well, just gotta sign up to gamestop for both the mag and BC2 betas.

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GR8 13270d ago

M.A.G is another ps3 game which got hyped out like no mans business and ended up being a crappy COD4 ripoff. 256 players won't work because if you look at the most played games online like COD4, Halo 3,Gears of war, they all are 5 vs 5 or 8 vs 8.

Chubear3270d ago

When it comes to the FPS the 360 fanbase are hungry. The only hope they have of quenching their FPS thirst outside of Halo is to look to multiplat FPSs.

The PS3 base is loaded with quality exclusive FPSs experiences and they all have different types of gameplay, feels and environments.

On the 360 if you want an exclusive FPS experience well, all you got is halo and more halo.

On the PS3 you have more choice from Resistance to Killzone to MAG and all offer something different.

Hot anticipated Exclusive FPSs on consoles: 360=1 / PS3=3 now if FPSs are your thing, only a fool would willingly pay money for the console that only has one exclusive FPS; this pretty much sums up the 360 base. It's the supposed shooter console but don't have much exclusive FPS content that draws weight. awww :(

Suckers! lol

Darkeyes3270d ago

Give it a rest guys... This bot hasn't ever experienced a game with more than 20 players on his shooterbox360 leave alone 256... While we play games like KZ2 with 32 players and jaw dropping graphics, he shoots up Gears on his 360, joins a 5 vs 5 game which lags like crazy (never has a bot experienced Dedicated servers) and gets slaughtered...

MAG won't be the next BIG thing, but it will be a great game for old time Soccomers and ones who really love team work and enjoy spending a long time in a single game.. It's like Warhawk, but on a much larger scale... ONLY ON PLAYSTATION 3.

GR8 13270d ago

Knowone plays Killzone 2 or Resistance 2 or even Uncharted 2 because the online is rubbish to games compared to Halo 3 or Modern Warfare.

Chubear3270d ago

awww, don't cry. Does the baby wanna wawipop? :(

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