LBP Patch – 1.20

Patch 1.20 has been released for LBP today so named "Celtic Promise", no details have been announced only that it is 23mb and is a DLC patch, no hidden features that have been sneaked in this time around...

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Mr Logic3320d ago

Sweet! Bring on the Online Create Mode, Water, and Home Space.

NecrumSlavery3320d ago

Hell yeah on the Water creation kit.

What's the rest you mention?

RowSand3320d ago

i dont know but i have lot of problem with lbp online failed to load players profile when i join from my fl

Why Dat3320d ago

I love how MM continues to support this game. That's dedication baby! Sony really picked up a nice gem to add to the Playstation family (both developer and new IP wise).

CaptainMarvelQ83319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

increased profile space...i hate it when i have to many things on my profile and it says u have to delete them,that was the most annoying thing in lbp!
ty MM :)

Why Dat3319d ago

Hehe, so true. MM listens to the community!