TouchGen: Mr. Bounce review

TouchGen writes: "Mr. Bounce sounds like some fat dude bouncing around, and it is far from the truth. Bouncing is a big part of the game mechanic in Mr. Bounce, but there is definitely no fat dude anywhere to be seen.

Mr. Bounce is actually a Arkanoid/Breakout clone with a neat twist. You control the height of the ball. This is done by simply touching somewhere on the playing field to set a new height. The closer to the bottom you set it the more intense the bouncing becomes. This reminds me a lot of Squareballs when I comes to ball behaviour. At the same time that you have to keep an eye on a proper height to get your ball to connect and collect all objects you also have to move the paddle. Just like in Arkanoid and Breakout you can't let the ball escape."

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