Finger Gaming Interview: The Developers and Daniel Johnston

Finger Gaming writes: "The anthropomorphic heroes, demons and Nazis that litter the world of musician Daniel Johnston's marker drawings seem like the perfect fodder for video games.

Touching upon ideas of alienation, capitalism, distorted 'Americana' and over-muscled dudes punching each other really, really hard, his artwork - swathed in the psycho-surrealism that's been prevalent since the early years of 8-bit Japanese development - is still rooted in the adolescent male fantasies that have populated gaming for years. The transition into interactive entertainment almost seems obvious.

Artist Peter Franco and developer Steve Broumley [flanking Johnston in the picture above] agreed. Friends and acquaintances (via Peter's wife, who works directly with Daniel and his family), the ex-Midway developers released Hi, How Are You?, a game featuring the art and music of Johnston, in late September."

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