HD format war continues....

Here's an interesting little piece from a New Zealand news site that paints a picture of the current HD movie format war. Basically reinforces the view that there is still no clear winner in sight and perhaps that both may co-exist.

Certainly raises the question of how popular hybrid players might become...

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kewlkat0074747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

A."The decision not to build the HD DVD player into the Xbox console means it does not work as a Trojan horse as the PS3 does for Blu-ray. But those who choose to buy an HD DVD attachment for the Xbox are definitely motivated by a desire to buy and play discs in the new HD format."


B."On the retail side, the battle is also taking some interesting twists. In a recent blog on the website Digital Trends, Rob Enderle said that US retail giant Wal-Mart plans to bring in "a massive number of low cost HD DVD players for Christmas". Such a move, although unconfirmed by Wal-Mart, could be decisive. Wal-Mart uses DVD sales as a loss leader to attract shoppers and accounts for between 40 per cent and 45 per cent of all DVD sales in the US."


C."In Europe, the HD DVD Promotion Group has also been busy signing up smaller European studios to the Toshiba format, hoping to "build a local ecosystem" for HD DVD software. The group is able to leverage the fact that replicating HD DVD discs is cheaper - the equipment is an upgrade from DVD replicators and there are no regional code controls. "


D."But perhaps the biggest problem is that even the cheapest standalone players cost more than $US300 each, which is too high to spur mass consumer adoption.

Given the high stakes for both hardware makers and content companies, neither side is likely to stand down easily. In fact, this format war might not have a clear winner and loser. "


This for everybody that thinks BLUE-RAY has already won. I don't think this will be over any time soon.

Husso4747d ago

Br +90% of Japan hd market.

Br +80% of Europe hd market

Br %70 of USA market

yahh far from over.

ITR4747d ago

This will go on for the next 3 yrs probably.

TheGoodMART4747d ago

translation was misunderstood, they said it was Bluray Hdddv, but because of the crappy translation it translated to blu light hd-dvd. So there...

540damn4747d ago

it might be bluray players. something was lost in translation.

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toniez74747d ago

This is really bad for the consumer when these two companies continue to go at it.
The only reason I picked blu-ray wasn't because of the PS3 but because of the disk protection.
Blu-ray uses a special coding thats really good compare to hd-dvd.
How can HD-DVD's use the same protection as dvd's when they can store 6x more data? The same scratch on a dvd will be unplayable on an HD-DVD.

ITR4747d ago

They both use AACS copy protection.
It's already been broken twice so far on both formats.

sticky doja4747d ago

Why do you care about disc protection? Do you work for a studio?

540damn4747d ago

hes saying blu rays dont scratch you idiots.

Douglasp4747d ago

With PS3 sales not as big they had hope. Blue ray cannot win completely without also gaining the retail market. The real batle will be at the retail market. So far as of today if you count Blue ray retail players vs HD dvd retail players. HD Dvd has the lead. Although being beaten by total players (counting the PS3), its still selling movies. The cheaper they get the more they will sell. I saw in my nearby Costco in L.A, Ca HD dvd player for 349.00 last week or 379.00 I forgot which one was it. Today I went to get more stuff and they where gone. As to how many where sold I dont know. But I would say last week I saw about no more than 10. This battle is way from over but I think both formats will still be here for a long time. All in all the consumer suffers.

mcintosh2334747d ago

i don't beleive either will make it mass market like dvd/vhs. by the time they start to get a grip on the market cd disk media will be on its way out.

Look what happened to cd's. i don't ever use them anymore. hell dvd's are a rarity (for me). currently all my movies are either mp4/wmv (would have been avi's but i watch them on my 360) and are stored on either my portable hd or my usb pen.
i don't think either will surpas dvd, as the techie people interested in this kind of stuff are migratting away from disk media and the non techie people are gonna just stick with dvd's till digital media becomes the norm.

i don't know what the price of b/r ot hddvd is in the us but here in scotland they are like £25 ($50) each which i will NOT be paying when i can get them of torrents or sky for free.(about £12 is acceptable imo)

i prefer things like what the video marketplace is,
when internet connections (generally) speed up to like 15mbs+ streaming and downloading (renting or buying) is going to pick up steam and blow away all of these arguements

its all down to money and a global market in everyones home will drive down the price

Armyless4747d ago

VHS might still win this fight.

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The story is too old to be commented.