Reggie not phazed by PS3 rank for September NPD, says Nintendo is pleased with Wii price cut numbers

Reggie Fils-Aime commented on being outsold by the PS3 for the first time in September and also on the Wii price cut.

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Natsu X FairyTail3270d ago

dont think he's allowed to say the contrary in the 1st place.

MasFlowKiller3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

what the wii need is games, they are in the same boat as the 360, lack of innovative exclusives only available in their console, you see how both MS and Nintendos price cut failed null in response to the PS3 price cut,

its not because people couldn't afford the console before but that it wasn't worth the price when they can now (in the case of the WII) pay $50 extra and get most of the highest rated games of this gen which cant be played anywhere else.

How can these companies forget that they are in the video game industry, meaning the industry that makes games, how are they suppose to compete when they don't do what their companies are suppose to do? MAKE GAMES.

u cant just buy DLC for a couple of high rated multiplat tittle and expect that will keep you gamers full

or create and endless river of mini games and expect gamer will keep buying ur console,

i would have thought that sony's price cut would force these companies to make better games to compete, i guess i was wrong

hopefully for now,
there isn't anything i want more that to play great games from in all of my console, not just have a console for multiplat to justify my purchase, keep replaying the same mini games the console game with when it launch. Take a page from sony's book and make GAMES please

SL1M DADDY3270d ago

And now the Wii is left to the rest of those who do not want a system that is nothing more than a shovelware machine. Make good games and the folks will come in droves.

TotalPS3Fanboy3270d ago

he doesn't even know what the hell he is saying anymore.

Oldsnake0073270d ago

of course he can't say the truth

We got owned !

ABizzel13270d ago

Here's Reggie's press talk (this is not Reggie's exact words in any shape or form, and I cannot be held responsible for any misuse this inaccurate statement.).

We're really not phased by what the competition is doing. Here at Nintendo we try our best to be innovators. We don't look to the competition and think what can we do to top them, however, you can see that our competitors are taking that stance with their attempts motion controls. Nintendo is always looking forward, and developing new ideas to help revolutionize the industry. We've sold over 55 million Wii's since launch in late 2006 and the Nintendo DS has surpassed the 100 million mark. Where as our closest competitor the PSP has sold slightly over 50 million. So Nintendo is the premium place for family gaming and the numbers show it.

What Reggie's really thinking. (Once again not Reggie's words not suing me Nintendo.)

Holy Shigady I can't believe the crap I'm spuing. Sony's completely outselling us in Japan, our numbers are falling all across the board. Sony and MS are taking our motion controls advantage away, and possibly all of our 3rd party games. The 360 and PS3 are too close to the price of a the Wii. That's it ladies and gentlemen time to pack up and start the next system this cow is bone dry. The old bags, and the moms are done with us.

ABizzel13270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

"LMAO they had 5 full weeks we had one, and the gap was pretty small."

Well After the first week sales dropped off around 50% for the PS3. Wii had it's price cut and the increase wasn't nearly as impressive as the PS3 even though sales are at their highest during the first week of an announced price. Let me put that in perspective for you. Sony's price drop was big, it made your company decide to drop it's price as well, because who wants to pay for a Wii when for $50 more you can get a PS3, that early next year will have everything the Wii does, and much much more.

The thing Nintendo has going for them is the ignorance of the casual market. Until Sony and MS let them know EVERYTHING their systems can do then Nintendo will continue to suck them in.

Sony and MS need to start a new campaign:

1. They have a video store on their systems (Sony you don't need to pay to get one)

2. 2hey have WAY better online gaming (Sony's is free).

3. They work with you HD TV not against it (Wii's only SD).

4. Games for EVERYONE (Sony Ratchet, Uncharted, Killzone, Singstar, GT5, God of War, etc...) (MS Viva Pinata, Splinter Cell, Gears of War, Singing game, Forza, Halo, etc...)

5. All the extra features, and connectivity the Wii doesn't have (easy for Sony).

6. PS3 and 360 are Multimedia devices, Wii tried but stuck with casual gaming.

7. PS3 only does Everything, 360 does just about everything, Wii well you can do something on it.

Guitarded3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Had to bring up PS3 and 360 in a Wii article just so you could praise the PS3 and bash both 360 and Wii at the same time. Very efficient.

Almost all the good games on Wii are first party exclusive. They are few and far between though. Microsoft has some of the highest rated and highest selling first and third party exclusive games this generation. 2009 has been a little slow for Microsoft exclusive games. Yet I have not been lacking in new games to play at all this year. The PS3 only fans seem to think that third party games aren't important. It's strange too, considering the highest selling games on PS3 are third party. Do they disregard third party games because a vast majority play better on the 360 even here in 2009? I don't know.

I do know that I am perfectly happy with the past, present and future gaming library that is being offered on the 360. In fact, so much so that I am not willing to spend $300 + to play the two games that I am interested in on PS3.

In any case Nintendo has nothing to fear from any one at this point and they know it.

EDIT: MY bad about PS3. Thank you for politely bringing it to my attention. Bubble up to you ABizzel1!

ABizzel13270d ago

Well it is a Wii article talking about the PS3 so he's in the right if you ask me, and I don't care if you disagree. And since you have 2 of the 3 consoles in it's only fair to bring in the other. Why be mean and leave the 360 out. But bashing the 360 shouldn't be done here.

Lifendz3270d ago

If you include the Wii in the discussion, which I do not, then you have to admit that the Wii won this gen. I don't see Wii worrying about Sony or anyone for a long time.

Then again, the Wii is moving hardware, but software appears to be a different matter. The "hardcore" games sell really poorly on that console. If it's not a 1st party game, or doesn't have party in the title, it looks like Wii owners pass.

Jamescagney3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I agree, partially, on the games front. The thing is that when Nintendo make games they make great games and the fact that it's made by Nintendo is pretty much a guarantee that it is going to be great, they just make quality games.

Trouble is that 'hardcore' games made by third party developers are not of Nintendo quality. Tbh most third party developers look for cash-ins, they don't make something that is truly great.

As fun as something like Madworld or Deadspace Extraction are, they haven't got the same quality. And they were also poorly advertised, I barely saw any advertising, the only reason I knew it existed is because I'm a gamer.

Seferoth753270d ago


"what the wii need is games, they are in the same boat as the 360, lack of innovative exclusives only available in their console, you see how both MS and Nintendos price cut failed null in response to the PS3 price cut"

Wii still sales more games and hardware than Sony does. Also Sony had to launch a new model and do a 100.00 price cut. Of course they will see a bigger increase at first compared to only a 50.00 price cut and no new model from Nintendo.

"i would have thought that sony's price cut would force these companies to make better games to compete, i guess i was wrong."

You seriously expected the quality of games to jump up after only a month or two? That shows a seriously lack of understanding to how games are made.

"Then again, the Wii is moving hardware, but software appears to be a different matter. The "hardcore" games sell really poorly on that console. If it's not a 1st party game, or doesn't have party in the title, it looks like Wii owners pass.
Red steel, Call of Duty3 and [email protected], Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Force unleashed, HOTD2&3, Rayman, Resident Evil4 and Umb Chron,Shaun White, Tiger Woods, are all over 1 million and Wii games dont even need that much in sales to turn a profit. Also none of them contain "party" in the name
To be honest most of the poor selling 3rd party games people bring up, they passed on them also. 3rd parties have decent sales on Wii for the quality they put into the game and the amount of marketing they get.

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Valay3270d ago

Reggie does have a point about the PS3 having more time with its price cut, but he won't be able to say the same thing next month!

Pirateogta3270d ago

The Wii is practically doubling the PS3 in weekly US sales, so he won't have to say it this month.

Week of October 3

Wii - 167,605
PS3 - 84,329

Week of October 10

Wii - 185,189
PS3 - 78,820

Week of October 17

Wii - 180,203
PS3 - 105,120

Week of October 24

Wii - 189,779
PS3 - 93,086

Week of October 31

Wii - 180,620
PS3 - 94,703

October Total

Wii - 903,396
PS3 - 456,058


reintype3270d ago

He must have his anti-phase field up then:)

Sorry, couldn't resist, the word you're looking for is "FAZE".

On topic, it may not have been selling as much as before, but it is still selling well. Besides I don't think even Nintendo, expected the Wii to sell as much. To me, it looked like they wanted the WII to be different from the PS3 and the XBOX 360, because they cannot compete in with them terms of technical merits. It just happens that it sold really well.

But what I think they should worry about, is the jump to HD. The affordability they had with the WII, will not be there once they go HD. Another thing is, it looks like both SONY and MS, are looking to steal a march on them, both will be releasing motion controls before the next NINTENDO CONSOLE iteration, by that scenario, I don't think NINTENDO can catch lightning in a bottle twice.

gameraxis3270d ago

no he doesn't, because even if the wii didn't drop price, its still cheaper than the triple lol


What happened to Nintendo seriously. You would think that they would come out with a 10x's more advanced console than the GC but instead chose to go backwards and make the lame ass Wii.

They're not part of this next-gen console war because they're using old tech which has been on the market for 10 years now.

Whoever bought a Wii got scammed in to buying a PS2 with a flashy controller.

The_Darkest_Red3270d ago

Not quite, I would take a PS2 over a Wii anyday. The Wii wishes it had a game library like the PS2.

Hutch23553270d ago

They made an incredbley smart decision for them. There profits have soared, unlike microsoft and sony, who have lost money on both of there next gen machines. you may not like but they did what was right for them at the time.

Ju3270d ago

But they are in panic mode all of a sudden because they got so used to it (walking to the bank). And yet, they have no real strategy for the HD market. I hope they've banked enough cash. But like a fast race car with an half empty tank (and half the weight), you need two pit stops for the whole distance. We'll see if they time that right.

ReBurn3270d ago

I can't see how anyone could possibly believe that Nintendo made a mistake with the Wii. 50 million sold in less than 3 years, profitable from day 1 and still a strong seller.

Panic mode? Every single detractor has been wrong about the Wii since the beginning. For more people it's about the fun than the flash, and there's way more opportunity to have fun with a room full of your friends on the Wii than the other platforms. Seems to me that Microsoft and Sony forgot that some people have real friends that come over to play video games, not just e-friends over the online networks. This is why Nintendo succeed and the other two fight for second place.

Ju3270d ago

Oh, paaleeease. Keep lying to yourself. The games in the top ten is an add on: Wii Sports; which even I bought for the second controller and the nunjuk. Then there is Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus, and now, people upgrade to Wii Sports Resort because everybody gets tired of bunching the same face over and over again. All other titles get beaten by 360/PS3 games every week.

What does that tell you about the demographic or actually usage of that little box ? I guess the "hard core" Wii install base is in reality below the 360/PS3. The rest is Mum's and Dad's who want to have a fitness gimmick (easily 50%).

Japan shows the trend. Europe dropped hard, only US is somewhat keeping up (but most likely that market sells over price like no other - no matter what the product is). I believe Nintendo will loose Europe soon. If not during the holiday season, then after that. US I don't know, but I also believe they will drop down.

I'd be in panic mode. That is a loss of more then 50% of the overall Wii business. They have to react. The price drop obviously confirms that. The tech can just go so far. With previous titles and rehashes its just hitting a wall. To progress game play (not just visuals) they need more power. If they don't react soon, it'll be over - soon.

N4g_null3268d ago

the last time nintendo was in panic mode they made the nes the next time they made the wii. I like panic mode nintendo because it leads to super nintendo.

Also who cares about sales anyway it's about the games. You may not like them for whatever reason but their are plenlty hardcore gamers looking forward to the games coming out.

On top of this people like your self seem to have a hard time finding good games on it. I don't find that very hardcore. Hell the wii is actually how you can tell a real hardcore gamer from a fanboy or the sheepcore which are controlled by pr and hype.

I have no problem entertaining my self with wii exculsive content or others.
I have something like 250 vc games 50 games on disk and a few imports.

You guys are missing out but even better you are taking your self out of the real console market as consumers so that eventualy devs will not have to make content just for you. We can get back to making games that real gamers love.

So many of you claim oh look at the hd game sales. Well Mario kart wii sold 14 and it's the best one yet.
Oh look at the ratings, well we told you thoughs guys where bought out lol. Adults and real gamers don't need to be told what to buy. And the wii shows this.

The ps3 is only affecting previous xbox 360 owners. Once these guys get to play these Sony exclusives and get underwhelem then the trade in counts will rise again. Gamers are going to kill the hd consoles watch.

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