Netflix PS3 streaming arrives today

"Last month, Netflix announced that they'd be adding a new piece of hardware to the growing list of gadgets that support Netflix streaming. That device was none other than the PlayStation 3, a suitable choice for growth given that Netflix is already supported on the Xbox 360. The only really surprising aspect of the whole affair was the timeline Netflix put forth, and as of tomorrow many PS3 owners who are also Netflix subscribers will be receiving the installation disc to make this all possible.

If you're a Netflix subscriber and asked for a disc, Netflix has already mailed them out, and will get into most people's hands by tomorrow. The PS3 will then join the Xbox 360, the Roku, TiVo DVRs, some standalone Blu-ray players and of course the PC as devices which can access streaming video through Netflix."

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lloyd_wonder3268d ago

Check your emails. I got mine yesterday.

Can't wait.

SL1M DADDY3268d ago

I wonder what the benefits over PlayOn will be? Chapter selection is a must!

Cwalat3268d ago

Is this service available in EU regions aswell?

I've heard about Netflix for a while now and i'm interested.

LinuxGuru3268d ago

Netflix is in the US only.

MasFlowKiller3268d ago

sweet, suppose to get mine today
i hope sony steals the party feature from live, i love watching movies with my friends.

Jaces3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

EDIT: aha, nevermind I figured it out. :)

Cenobia3268d ago

That doesn't make any sense...

Your friends wouldn't actually be there, and unless you actually like talking during movies it would be completely pointless.

You just want to watch movies for free! J'ACCUSE!

Poopface the 2nd3268d ago

I use my 360 for streaming alot since I just got netflix recently. Im going to have them send me a ps3 disk too so I can use it if I dont have gold.

cyberwaffles3268d ago

is there a free trial for netflix? i want to try this out.

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ChozenWoan3268d ago

Be sure to do a comparison of how the streaming compares to a real Blu-Ray as well as a DvD being upscaled. I want to know as I'm on the fence about getting Netflixs and this might help me take the leap.

lloyd_wonder3268d ago

Use the Netflix free trial if you're on the fence.

divideby03268d ago

I just hope they give me another free trial...because IV is pretty bad especially if anyone has Cable + DVR = netflix is a waste

starvinbull3268d ago

Some people will still complain that the PS3 can only do everything.

YLOD Service Tech3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Disc swapping coming to a PS3 near you.

Barcefut-093268d ago

Glad i'm so happy N4G has an ignore option :)

nix3268d ago

thank you for beta testing. as always.

AssassinHD3268d ago

We do however get to look forward to a firmware update that will integrate the service. At least we don't have to pay a Live fee just for the privilege of paying Netflix for streaming.

The gaming GOD3268d ago

if you've been 360 gaming, you have NO right to make wisecracks about disc swapping.

Besides, The disc is temporary. There will be streaming without the disc next year. The disc is only to bypass whatever deal they had with Microsoft.

So please, park your fanboyism at the door next time

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The story is too old to be commented.