Is Halo: Reach Just More of the Same Halo?

Split-Screen: "The Rocket Launcher is there, yes. Not to mention some snazzy new weaponry. Does that Battle Rifle have one mean ass scope or what? And has the Chief returned? Very nice. However, despite these new environments and the so-called improved graphics, the sneaking suspicion still haunts me: This will be more of the same Halo."

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Natsu X FairyTail3271d ago

Halo will Always be Halo.If you expect the game to change of direction all of a sudden and Transform into Something Else you will never see it happen.

Halo:Reach will be Same Halo Series that people like with

Gameplay elements

and The New X-Engine.

Nike3271d ago

I'm pretty sure that every FPS game needs to have weapons, maps, story and gameplay elements to be liked these days. :P

Also, it's not been stated whether the X-Engine is being used for this game. Or much less if it officially exists.

wxer3271d ago

"and The New X-Engine."

keep tellin that to your self

on topic
a big fat YES

Blaze9293271d ago

We don't one outside of Bungie/Microsoft has played it yet -_-

heroicjanitor3271d ago

What exactly would be wrong with that? People love Halo's gameplay, what matters is that it is more refined. This argument has been used against ps3 games in the past and it's very annoying... Killzone not original enough... It's a damn fps, but I doubt people will mark this game down saying not original enough.

sikbeta3271d ago

What are anyone is expecting a platformer Halo? lol

Halo is always the same, not gonna change and fans love it that way, so this article doesn't make any sense, move on....

Gun_Senshi3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Story, Lol

Anyway of Course Halo Reach is like other Halos, FFS it is Halo!?

What you expect to play Barbie and her Pony?

If I buy CoD MW2 I expect COD Game not a Racing game.

TotalPS3Fanboy3271d ago

Where's the innovation, Halo?

paul03883271d ago

Jesus Christ, I'm a known Sony fan, but I'm only a fan, not a fanboy. I like games and think Sony exclusives are a cut above the rest.

But with that said, I'm still excited about Halo: Reach, because I'm a fan of games.

So why try to judge before the game even comes out??? Give it a fair shot...

paul03883271d ago

It looks more like a Halo / Team Fortress 2 hybrid - which would be AWESOME!!!

Don't judge the game until you get your hands on it...

randomwiz3271d ago

of course its going to be halo. Just "bigger, better, more badass"

coolfool3271d ago

And people will love it and buy it!

Chubear3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

..and you're telling me they won't pay $100 a year, every year, to play Halo Reach online? Riiiight.

Every single halo fan that said they'd never pay 100bucks for Live are just BSing themselves. Hey, if you think the game is worth that then that's great and you can do that but don't BS yourself.

MS knows their base, that's why they feel comfortable raising the price of Live by $50. They'll throw in 1 or 2 more social networking features and that's that.

Unending Punishment3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Halo Reach shouldn't be speculated on until we get closer to its release. And if it caries over everything from Halo 3 and ODST that they did right then that's fine with me. Since this is the first work they'll be doing with a new engine it's to be expected that the graphics are going to see much improvement. So it's going to look great, but besides that we know nothing of the game.

Oh, and Halo isn't the only series out there with 5 games it its roster. And Xbox Live won't be $100.

GWAVE3271d ago

Of course it will just be "more of the same", and the media will worship it for it...

...yet, in the same breath the media will turn around and slam a dozen other non-Halo games for being "too much of the same" and "not enough innovation" and "not enough of a graphical upgrade" etc etc etc.

Just goes to show how objective video game journalists are (protip: not at all).

Cold 20003271d ago

More of the same PERFECT gameplay.

GWAVE3271d ago

@ Cold 2000

Halo's gameplay is not perfect. No game is.

See, it's that exact attitude of "OMG! HALO IS ALREADY TEH PERFEXX!" which allows Bungie to put minimal effort into improving the game instead of giving gamers the improvements and advancements they deserve.

Ausbo3271d ago

Halo 2 revolutionized online multiplayer, and halo 3 innovated even more with the forge and community features for live multiplayer.

Sure it didn't look so great, but it was fun and is one reason why millions still play it online.

vhero3271d ago

"Where's the innovation, Halo? "

LOL Halo and innovation?? They have never gona together since the first game every game except Halo wars has been exactly the bloody same more or less with slight differences and slight graphics upgrades. Its like getting a respray on your car but having to pay for the whole bloody car again! I feel like i'm taking crazy pills that nobody else sees this crap.

Shepherd 2143271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Halo was innovative because it brought regenerating health to the FPS that most FPS's use today.

Halo also brought the two weapon system to the FPS, which forced players to choose between two weapons instead of picking up dozens like in previous FPS's.

Halo 2 also invented the lobby system that Halo 3 improved on, and games like COD 4 and Gears of War 2 adopted.

Halo has done plenty of innovation, and all they need to do now is refine the gameplay.

p.s., the story of the Halo series is far more in-depth than any of you fanboys can comprehend, and the funny thing is, you dont even want to try to comprehend it, which makes you ignorant. funny stuff.

DanWelsh863271d ago

WOW! a fake new engine which is exactly the same as the old one that does nothing and noone cares about? Loved the first Halo on PC, this is where I stopped though, because it hasn't actually changed has it since then?

Perhaps the reason why I have no need or actual desire to own an Xbox is because I see Halo for what it is? a Yawnfest that has an engine which is slow and clunky, and a multiplayer which will just isn't enjoyable, it actually feels like floating through zero gravity.

I wouldn't complain if Bungie tried to do something? Anything? but it's just a continuum of this dogshite that got boring in 2004. People with an xbox consider this to be flagship? It's Aids in electronic form.

JonnyBadfinger3271d ago

wouldnt want my Halo any other way, but the same.

For me Halo is perfect, it has a story i like, characters i like and gameplay i like.

Why are people to eager to turn ALL FPS games into COD???

SixZeroFour3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

to all the ppl COMPLAINING about Reach being more of the same halo...what exactly are you ppl thinking about when you think it should be changed?

i mean, its easy enough to say (or type in this case) that is the same old thing, but what specifically did you expect to be changed? graphics, gameplay, audio, visual, weapons, perspective, etc etc etc...?

EDIT: because there is already a storyline that halo basically is following (with the exceptions of the open-ended spinoffs halo wars and odst, and now reach) so the story cant exactly be changed, graphics look like they have changed (but not good enough for you ppl), gameplay cannot be determined from screens, neither can audio, weapons and visuals tie into graphics, perspective...i personally love first person view and would like to keep it like that, but other than that, what do you expect to change

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The Meerkat3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Lots of the Book is set in space.
There is a part of the book where he has to infiltrate a rebel held asteroid base without his Mjolnir armour.

And MasterChief is only on Reach when he is training. He only returns after the destruction of the first Halo ring.

There could also be multiple Spartan classes, Linda would be good at sniping, Kelly would be faster, Sam would be a big slow tank etc.
So in 4 player co-op each person could be a different spartan.

Nike3271d ago

I was also kind of hoping that if there were ever a moment in the game where you had to work concurrently with the other Spartans, the game could employ a Republic Commando style command system. Since this squad does some insane stuff in the novel Fall of Reach, many unique commands could be issued depending on the environment.

That'd be pretty cool, and something I sorely wished ODST could have incorporated, even it were directly lifted from Republic Commando.

ASSASSYN 36o3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Funny all this time I thought Halo was the first ring discovered which debut occurred in HALO combat evolved on the xbox was the first ring destroyed. And master chief and another spartan in cyro stasis due to his injuries were the only survivers of reach along with 4 marines they brought back to the pillar of autumn not KIA or MIA...funny. And if master chief returned to reach after Halo (the first ring) was destroyed he would have found the planet glassed by the covenant fleet. So explain that!?

SixZeroFour3271d ago

halo(s) are the weapons the forerunners built that was going to be used to destroy the flood, there are 7 in total i think

after destroying the first halo, he didnt go back to reach, he went to earth in new mombasa, africa...which was built to replace old mombasa, and then to the arc to stop the other halo rings from being activated

The Meerkat3270d ago

Not all of Reach was glassed. The underground complex was left untouched so that covanent ground forces could recover a forerunner crystal hidden under ground. MC went back there on a captured covanent flag ship called Ascendant Justice after he escaped from the destruction of the first Halo ring. MC then takes some spartan survivors from Reach and attacks the covanent invasion fleet at the space station Unyielding Hierophant. They destroy 488 ships by blowing the space station reactor then go back to earth. I think MC and 3 other spartans survive. Then they go back to earth.

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YLOD Service Tech3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

No, Halo is the ultimate FPS out there. PS3 devs should take notes from Bungie on how to make an FPS game. Killzone 2 has got to be the biggest joke ever.

Nike3271d ago

Half-Life, Doom, Quake, Timesplitters, Call of Duty, Unreal Tournament...ringing any bells?

cyborg69713271d ago

Killzone the biggest joke ever no that would be your life.

keysy4203271d ago

your nut first off mdw desroyed halo in sales. i personally like killzone over halo oyu cant even zoom in halo wtf futuristic shoot cant zoom. halo mdw2 haS alot of people looking like they will get whatever a company says is good

UnwanteDreamz3271d ago

It must suck having a console that is a one trick pony. Wake me up when you get another title besides Halo to brag about.

Why do you brag again? I mean what has Halo got that no other FPS has? Answer=nothing

There is no more stale genre than the FPS right now IMO.

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MetalGearRising3271d ago

Every ps3 fan boy is scared of the name HALO they know the power it has over millions and millions also name me a game on ps3 that has the same effect as Halo on ps3...........that's right none.

Nike3271d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 and God of War 3. There ya go, that's 2. :)

HolyOrangeCows3271d ago

No, PS3 fans don't play sales charts.....they actually have lots of games this year, unlike the 360.

Pirateogta3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I seem to recall a lot of PS3 fanboys playing sales when the September NPD came out. Funny, because the PS3 was outsold by the 360 for 13 months straight, and then slightly beats the 360 in sales for one month and the PS3 fanboys act like the 360 is doomed. Talk about delusional.

And the 360 has the same exact number of AAA games and AAA exclusives as the PS3 so far this year, according to MetaCritic. 360 owners are playing just as many games as PS3 owners, if not more.

MGS4 did not break any sales records, nor has it sold 10 million copies. Everyone knows the name Halo, and all gamers are excited when a major Halo game releases. It's great for the industry. Nobody other than hardcore games would know the name Metal Gear Solid or God of War. Probably not even Gran Turismo, either. But EVERYONE knows Halo, just like they know Mario.

IRetrouk3271d ago

are you on crack mate? nobody know gran turismo or god of war or metal gear? sorry loser but your wrong watch gt kill halo reaches numbers alone ur a joke m8

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