Modern Warfare 2 Xbox Live Avatars Released

YourEMGN: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be released very soon - 11/10/09. To add to the hype, Infinity Ward has teamed up with Microsoft to release a pack of Modern Warfare 2 avatars to suit any fan. Ranging from Infinty Ward cap's to the Ghost Uniform

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Madusha3296d ago

Awesome, these look mint. Love the ghost uniform :D

X_iGame_X3296d ago

The ghost uniform looks a bit weird IMO.

AnttiApina3294d ago

Clearly we can see that Bowlings statement were true: All platforms get equal experiences...

Madusha3296d ago

:0 5 days left to the release...sad to see it's being sold before the street date in some places.

Madusha3294d ago

Yeah would be so much better with weapons

Saaking3295d ago

Now you can dress up like little soldiers bots.

tdogchristy903294d ago

I thought a gheli suit would have been cool, or more of an army look. Almost like having a suit for each "special" class would have been nice.

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