Reggie: "There is no Wii HD"

VG247: "Michael [Pachter] continues to be the only one that believes this is going to happen," the NoA president told presenter Geoff Keighley.

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ZoidsRaven3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Sorry graphics hounds, it looks like your wet dreams has come to an end. That is, if he is lying his @ss off (in which case I don't care). 7_7

But still, this is funny as hell (for me anyway).
I can't wait to see the graphics hounds/wii bashers rip this article a new @sshole. (LMAO)

Mista T3270d ago

there's no room for a redesigned gamecube in the HD era.

Fierce Musashi3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

There was no redesigned GameCube to start.

Lol @ the disagees. 2 already in a matter of 3 mins in. Damn, that was fast but not shocking considering this is N4G.

heroicjanitor3270d ago

It's very annoying when people act like they are enlightened in the way they don't "need" hd graphics, it's not just hd by the way since I've been playing ps3 in sd for years. It just doesn't f*cking have them and you are trying to gloss over it by making other people sound stupid for wanting them.

Fierce Musashi3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I would love for anyone who has or will disagree with my last comment to explain to me in full detail how Metroid Prime Trilogy (2 full GameCube games + 1 Full Wii game + Extras such as soundtrack & art gallery, etc on one disc) will have no problem playing on the Gamecube.

Let's see some people actually own up here with a set of--- you know what.

sikbeta3270d ago

you mess with the gamecube, you messing with me, but you'll probably win lol

Lets forget about HD for a second, because is more than HD, is about Quality in every way possible, not enough with being a good game if it look and play like crap, get it?

Lets get this straight, why N will make a wiiHD if people that bought a wii, don't even know or care about that in first place, doesn't sound like a good idea

Projekt7tuning3270d ago

What Michael Pachter is wrong about something? How could this be? NOOOOOOOOO! Note to his employer Fire his A$$. Just make sure you do it on X-mas, because thats the way baby Jesus would want it.

hardmetal3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

We are busy with PS3 and Xbox 360.



ZoidsRaven3270d ago

All you got from my post was "HD = bad", and you lose it like a wild animal.

1) HD isn't bad, it's just not needed in VIDEOGAMES (I don't know how many times I had to post that).

2) It's funny how I bash graphics hound and you think I'm bashing HD graphics, if someone says they are only going to buy a game because of it's graphics..... I will call them a graphics hound, does it matter if it's HD or SD that they are talking about? Hell no.. But of course, that's all I ment by my post, right?

3) I wasn't saying people who "want" HD are stupid, I'm saying people who want god like graphics are.
But obviously I must be bashing your precious PS3 by slaming graphics hounds (you F'd up big time on that one)? 7_7

Their is no need to get so worked up and paranoid if you are NOT a graphics hound.
If you ARE a graphics hound, well...... There is nothing I can tell you, but.......... You graphics hounds are gunna kill gaming if the fanboys don't do it first.

sikbeta3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

By the disagrees, it seems like wii owners do care about HD, so why they bought a non HD console?

wii doesn't have enough power to run a HD game, If we forget about HD stuff for a second, it still can't run a game adapted for the wii hardware that was made for the other consoles in mind or maybe can run a super gimped port ala "MW2" style

Fierce Musashi3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Ah, just as I thought. A bunch of disagrees yet no reply to try and combat what I said. You know you're pathetic when you can't even support your own views but just mark a disagree and show no balls. But then again, as much as they would like to actually believe that there was a "redesigned Gamecube", how could they prove it without looking anymore pathetic? I mean, to try and comabt that Prime Trilogy can not be played on the GameCube would be fighting against facts. Marking disagess with their tail between their legs is all they can do I guess. =/

Lol Ah, good old ignorance. You just got to love the way some people think on this site sometimes, for it's one of the key ways to get a good laugh around here.

Fufufu, I believe I have made and proven my point.

heroicjanitor3270d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Broadway, the Wii's CPU, is clocked at 729Mhz. It is fully backwards compatible with the Gekko, the GameCube's CPU, which was clocked at 485Mhz.

Hollywood, the Wii's GPU, is based on the GameCube's GPU, Flipper, and has no notable increases in programmability. However, it is clocked 50 percent higher (243Mhz versus 162Mhz). Most of the chip remains unchanged.

To summarize, while the PS3 and the Xbox 360 are both at least an order of magnitude faster than their predecessors, the Wii has the processing power of one-and-a-half GameCubes with no noteworthy increases in functionality. This was done for two reasons: backwards compatibility with the GameCube and, more importantly, the very low cost. Developers have even told us that the transition guide (for GameCube developers moving to the Wii) is ten pages long and contains only very minor changes.

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ChickeyCantor3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

he says "Wii-HD".
Who says its called Wii-HD XD.

Its just reggies way of bending the truth.
Miyamoto and Iwata keep stating the importance of HD systems.

Nintendo realizes they need to adapt once a system is a standard.

Reggie and his way of twisting stuff always gets people.
If he(GT dude) asked whether there will be a HD-Nintendo console, then the answer would have been different.
Reggie is good at what he is doing.

Also he(GT dude) asked whether we would see one in 2010.
He could have meant, "nope not in 2010".

Noctis Aftermath3270d ago

I think nintendo have realized that the Wii doesn't appeal to most males over 14 seeing how the majority of games are kid friendly crap, and the graphics are worlds apart from what microsoft and sony are offering this gen, next gen we will see a Wii2, and it will be HD but we won't see a revised version of the current wii to HD because it is like a stab in the back to all the current Wii owners.

ChickeyCantor3270d ago

And the new DS is not a stab in the back?

5 years have already passed, so its very realistic for a new nintendo console to be announced in 2010;

ndpad3270d ago

there is a wiihd, nintendo just will not call it that :D

YLOD Service Tech3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

If you want motion controlled gaming in HD, look no further, next generation of gaming comes next year with Project Natal.

Aquarius3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Project HYPTAL will not be released because the "Burnthehouseforme" will be discontinued and they can't release an accessory by itself can't they :P

@below, just your typical BOT, they never usually don't make any sense.

spinbot_lv13270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

there is no next year for the project fecal (pseye carbon copy)

cyborg69713270d ago

Playing games on natal will be like masterbating with a flaccid penis. Nobody wins and ms fails to get a rise out of yet another business venture they have no business being in

Why Dat3270d ago

@ Cyborg

LOL... comment of the day!

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Aquarius3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

All of this news of a new Wii. They must be one.

Wow, Wii released in 2006. So that will be four or five years?
I wonder if Nintendo will develop new IPS for this system because none of their titles will benefit in HD.

Only LOZ.

Noctis Aftermath3270d ago

watch nintendo be stubborn again next gen and not take up blu-ray.

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