"The Wall" Coming to Xbox 360 - New Details and Screens

New details are entailed in PSU's latest interview with Screenwriter Vladimir Mamontov on their upcoming title "The Wall".

New Details include:
- The Wall being developed for Xbox 360
- In-depth look at the storyline of the title
- Talk about how they are using the Gamebyro Engine (same engine used in Oblivion)

- SIXAXIS support for PS3
- Weapon Customization
- 20 types of weapons
- 15 types of vehicles
- and more

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Lord Anubis4746d ago

I haven't been following this game but I'll be on the look out.

ben hates you4746d ago

do you watch SG1 i take it i love that show

Lord Anubis4746d ago

ah,I watched Stargate SG-1 but that is not the reason I chose my name. Its a shame the series is ending :(

Dr Pepper4746d ago

I'll have to keep an eye on it
I really like the quote:
"Only when everything that we have planned is implemented. We will not sacrifice quality to the fast production."
This is how it should be with every game

004746d ago

I think the name of this game stupid.

ngg123454746d ago

I see the images are from a game called precursors :D.

Rybnik4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

Thats the game these came from. I knew this wasn't The Wall, but couldn't remember the name of the game... This is The Wall I know.. (note: first shot is of precursors, see how all the others look different?)

Did Playten just decide to combine these two games???? Or did PSU just mix up their screenshots???? because these screens are definately from "The Precursors" what gives??

Dr Pepper4746d ago

Those pics look really good

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