TheiPhoneAppReview Review: America's Next Top Model Comes to iPhone


America's Next Top Model has been a highly popular TV show in America as evidenced by its thirteen seasons and counting. Developed by PressOK Entertainment, America's Next Top Model is a new game for the iPhone that puts you in the shoes of one the contestants in the series. America's Next Top Model gives you the opportunity to create your own character and take part in a modeling competition on your mobile.

The game features some basic Sim-like gameplay, and several mini-games. In order to complete certain challenges through the mini games, you need to have a certain amount of energy. You can obtain this by eating, doing activities with the other contestants, or relaxing. When you reach the required amount of energy, you can play the next mini game or take part in an activity that will increase the amount of stars that you have. Each star you earn is added to your total, and you have to reach fifty stars to win.

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