Update: Microsoft Surfacing Computing Revealed

Tech site Gizmodo has been told told that tonight, at 12:01am EST the division of Microsoft that launched the Xbox and the Zune will unveil something very special. According to the website it's "something totally new coming out of the Entertainment and Devices division, and it's going to change the way people interact with technology." The email (which was not a tip but rather was mistakenly sent to Gizmodo through official channels) also stated that "you really have to see it to believe it."


Today at The Wall Street Journal’s D: All Thing’s Digital conference in Carlsbad, Calif., Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled the company’s first surface computing product, called Microsoft Surface – an innovation that will change the way people shop, dine, entertain and live. Viewers tuning into "The Today Show" on NBC-TV this morning also got a taste of this powerful new technology.

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iceice1234583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

I hope it is a 360 that doesn't break down!

Maddens Raiders4583d ago

you mean the Japanese model, right?


Lacarious4583d ago

that's a beautiful shot at M$... lets hope they actually are releasing a 360 that doesn't break.... or maybe.... they are looking to replace all the 360's that already died?

Blackmoses4582d ago

how does this have anything to do with the 360? I couldn't find anything that made this even the slightest bit related to a gamming console? Even if that were the case, what is microsoft going to do?, release another console with upgraded features?
It's nice and all but, I can't see how this relates?

uxo224582d ago

Icewake, the is plain and simple jealousy. Let me guess, you are pissed because sony didn't come up with the idea. Some people aren't happy unless the FLAMES are burning bright. Why do you feel so threatened by the 360? Hears a reality check, all of these devices are here for us all to enjoy; the PS3, the 360, the Wii, etc. STOP HATIN' and go mow you parents lawn or something.

rosko4864582d ago

Microsoft didn't come up with this idea. They bought it.

flipflop4580d ago

I just logged on to one of my other accounts to find that Virtual gamer tried to ban my umbagumba account for exposing him for the idiot he is, and this further proves his retardedness. How FN pathetic do you have to be to try to ban somone because your proven to be retarded? virtual gamer is a b!tch. You will now get it a lot worse.

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sonarus4583d ago

a 360 with custom towels lol

alsef074583d ago


sonarus4583d ago

haha dnt get ur panties all wet alsef07. its only speculation

JIN KAZAMA4583d ago

THe xbox 360 Elite Super Luxury Supreme LX model. Same as ELite, but this one has WI-FI!!!! For only 639.99.

Buy now, and you will get a custom made Halo 3 Master Chief Towel.

Xbot_Killer4583d ago


what's next a secret decoder ring with every box of crackerscratch 360?

JasonPC360PS3Wii4583d ago

Smells more like Sony with the PS3s under 100k sales in April and the Devs jumping ship for the 360 and the Wii.

I know the truth of the PS3 heading the way of the Dreamcast pisses you Sony fans off, not to mention Capcom pissing all over the PS3. Don't forget about all the ports looking like last gen Xbox and in some cases (Splinter Cell DA) looking more like a PS2 title.

"Desperation" nah not Xbox fans, more like Sony fans Desperation ever since the launch of the PS3 and the decline in sales and exclusives(which Sony has even admitted) Not to mention PS3 limited resources on some of the hardware. The only thing Xbox fans had to defend were the launch consoles that were defective but you Sony fans have to defend the PS3 and why its losing this gen and maybe soon to become the next 3DO. I'm sorry that the reality of this world has the 360 and Wii kicking the sh!t out of the PS3 but as I have said before "you can't win em all, maybe Sony will do better on the PS4" then again maybe not.