Xbox360 Games Optimized For Hard Drives In 2010

2010 may very well be the year that major changes will occur on Microsofts platform. Rockstar games said it themselves that Xbox360 needs to find away around storage issues and Hard Drive optimization is the answer and the results will be revealed very soon.

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ASSASSYN 36o3269d ago

Speculation doesn't mean crap. Keep speculating high-speed.

ndpad3269d ago

One week the ps3 the next the 360. Anything for hits.. and money.

ReviewsArePolitics3269d ago

If Microsoft can redesign the Xbox 360 to make it sleeker, sexier, more quiet, incrementally more powerful (think Gamecube to Wii), much smaller, base it all around Natal, and of course, RELIABLE (and with HDD out of the box), not to mention go fully digital, THEN they have high chances of succeeding. Not dominating the industry, but they will certainly have a target market like the Wii.

Or forget about the extra power, just re-brand the current Xbox 360 and so everything above, but offer current Xtards the possibility of upgrading to a Natal enabled 360 (but re-brand the new games as "natal" games, not 360 games; 360 would be forwards compatible, and natal backwards).

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The story is too old to be commented.