Nintendo: HD profits are becoming harder and harder to make

Nintendo talks about why developing in HD worries them.

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Product5363d ago

It astonishes me how many studios have had to close this generation due to high costs of production. You have to feel for developers who can't get a job right now because of so many cut-backs. I think video games went HD alittle prematurely, then again who could have predicted such a bad economy.

Product5363d ago

Out of pure curiosity, does anyone have a list of closed video game studios of this generation? It would be interesting to see.

Darkstorn5363d ago

I agree completely, but the consoles went HD because they were trying to push the new video format. That being said, I don't have an HDTV, yet my console of choice is the PS3. I'm sure I'll upgrade in the next few years, but when I can't read the text in games, it really bugs me. Kudos to Nintendo for successfully repelling the impending HD invasion. They're a brave company, despite my disinterest in the Wii.

PirateThom5363d ago

Since 2006:

Clover Studio
Core Design
Ensemble Studio
Factor 5
Free Radical
Rockstar Vienna
Sega Racing Studio
Shiny Entertainment
Sierra Entertainment

I think that's it, bare in mind though, a lot of these studios merged into other or were bought out (Clover formed Platinum, Free Radical are now Crytek UK) so it's really not that much different from most gens, really.

Noctis Aftermath5363d ago

well, this gen sony have got me to buy not only there console for $499 and a bunch of games, but also a brand new 37 inch LG Full HD TV for $1300, and i would not have got a new tv if i got a wii, so i believe the playstation and the xbox are helping the world economy because it is getting people to spend money where they otherwise would not have.

SuperM5363d ago

I disagree. Its not hard to make a game in HD. I mean nintendo would barely have to lift a finger to make all their games run in HD (given that the hardware could handle it). The obvious problem is not HD, but the fact that the more powerful hardware can handle substancially higher graphics just in terms of textures, lighting, more polygons, better animation etc.

Ofcourse this is what he is refering to. I just think its stupid to blame the HD when PC games have been in HD for as long as i can remember.

sikbeta5363d ago

Is hard, you need to invest in proprietary engines and big budget to make an HD game, basically N need to start from scratch with new engines and start to put money on a new game, well if we talk about First party, I think they going to make better games, not like multiplat games with small budgets and half-assed engines

HolyOrangeCows5363d ago

We don't give a crap how you do it, just do it!

N4g_null5363d ago

People buying tvs is not helping the economy. How many of your family members or friends helped make those products. That is not what we are talking about here . We are talking about an independant industry that it actualy hurting it's self. Yes pc games have been doing it for years yet look what happened to that industry. Do you think the pc vets like id soft and epic, crytek will care when console gaming stalls.

Nope it is almost as if people are in this industry for the wrong reasons now this includes publishers also.

Nintendo is right in think they must find away to make hd gaming more console ready. They are also tackling some of the biggest problems also. Artist and programmers are very wastful now. To get amodel running in direct x 11 with tessal on it you just need things like displacment maps which is not the offical name since the tools are still being worked on.

If any one is going to fix hd gaming then it's going to be nintendo. Another thing is I have an hd tv that actualy produces no jagged pixels on screen so I believe that may be what some want.

I see the next system support a few different modes of gaming.
Sd 2d with hardware AntiA
hd 2d along with real time effects al OpenGL think after effects and java script.
Wii standard with the option to run at different resolutions along with image tweaking also.
Full on hd gaming with a little of ati's new baby on board which could handle pretty much any thing."
and of course current console hd gaming which is the bare min.

Hd content does take longer to make and I'm not sure if nintendo knows mudbox or zbrush yet. They are not apps you learn in a day. Time is the biggest force working against you in hd.

It should not be used in every game though. Well not the way we currently use it. It is sort of like over doing a cut scene. I really hope they don't ditch tessalation though. It is what will make next gen next gen.

I have zbrush models than need that one feature damn it.

Xgamerzus5363d ago (Edited 5363d ago )

great neutral point ,but entertainment tech must evolve if we are paying for it!!!!!!
We need to justify the transition from console to console.Why else would we spend every 5 years on new stuff????
And the evolution is the very nature of tech.
HD is here !! GT5, Uncharted, Gears of War,All breathe taking on HD sets, So is Imax Dark Knight scene on s BLuray and Transformers2,
IF this wasn't the case I'd be perfectly happy with maxed out Shenmue 3 on my Dreamcast with an ad On memory card!!!To boost it to 512 MB of ram!!! I really would!!

jjohan355363d ago

It's hard for nintendo because you're not going to see that much of an improvement in HD resolutions with Nintendo games. Bright, colorful cartoonish graphics don't really benefit from HD resolutions. I'm not bashing Nintendo. I respect their style and the success they've had from cartoonish graphics that appeal to all ages including adults. But I'm also being real in saying that this type of graphics don't benefit from HD resolutions. Just like you're not going to see that much of an improvement with Finding Nemo in HD resolution.

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Kalowest5363d ago (Edited 5363d ago )

don't worry about make HD games for,thats why some of us gamers brought more than one system. The Wii for family and friends, and the Ps3 and 360 is for the UC2s,KZ2s,ME2s,and SC:Cs, Nintendo just do what you do best, low-end great games, and make that profit.

ChickeyCantor5363d ago

". The Wii for family and friends, and the Ps3 and 360 is for the UC2s,KZ2s,ME2s,and SC:C"

This makes me sad, not because of the fact those consoles have these games. But due the fact that "gamers" have the wrong idea when it comes to PS3/360 vs Wii.

Sony and MS are also trying to suck that market in Nintendo has.
You can claim that the Wii is family friendly, but WTF do you think Sony and MS are trying to do with their "media center for the living room" strategy?

Ongoing people like you are actually giving MS and Sony the wrong image.
Sure PS3 and 360 have more mature content, this doesn't mean its excluding family friendly games/software.

Just like Nintendo, Sony and MS are trying to cater to everyone.
Difference is that mature content is more of a success on PS3/360 and family friendly content is a success on the Wii.
But just by saying that and ignoring the fact Sony and MS are not trying to create a legion of "hardcore"(by n4gs definition) gamers, and shunning the fact they are trying to cater everyone, you will just ruin the image of all 3.

N4g_null5363d ago

Sidar is right console gaming is for every one yet the way the n4g gamers act and other people who claim this niche title are all turning console gaming into a mess. The undo hype fest with mass trade ins is reminding me of the atari days. Thecurrent gen of gamers remind me of the atari days also.

If it wasn't for ghero, madden, rock band etc I'm wondering where these publisher would get money for their next 60 million dollar game. Which did not grow the market at all.

So far the worst thing about this gen is the vocal minorty online. They always say one thing yet nothing happens then they lash out at every one. I never though gamers could be so brainwashed to truely hate and hold grudges and simply ignore facts.

condorstrike5363d ago

In other words, they have Wii2.0 and is not going to be HD.

and Wii 2.0 is going to be a design upgrade, not a new console. I'm sorry and glad at the same time to say: I'M done with Nintendo, good thing I have all 3 consoles.

now if only Sega would pull through and release a console...sigh,.....

ndpad5363d ago

From the discussions they have in the Q&A it actually looks like Nintendo will release a dual SD/HD solution for those who need the power, or for titles such as Wii Fit which really don't need the extra power.

People liek Square who want the power to release a great looking title would have the horsepower, but for 2K to release Carnival Games the SD solution is there for them, that way they don't have to spend so much in developement.

Will be interesting to see where they go with this one.

Xander-RKoS5363d ago

Well it was stuff kinda like this that drove Sega into the ground.

sikbeta5363d ago

A dual SD/HD console seems like not a good idea, people that alreay have a wii and enjoy it, why want the HD stuff and people that like or want HD have other choices

Shnazzyone5363d ago

I think your wrong. That sounds like a perfect solution. Companies busting their budgets could market their HD multiconsole releases on wii as well with ease while small developers can choose to still use the sdk for the wii to make games nice and cheap. Meanwhile nintendo can be free to move up to HD for their big franchises such as starfox and Fzero that would benefit from having extra graphical horsepower. It is developing a console that gives developers the widest selection of options. Unlike sony that made a console that was initially super expensive and a pain to develop for. Sony is thinking about fancy specs and not the cost of development. Nintendo has the experience to know you make a system easy and inexpensive to develop for first.

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Fierce Musashi5363d ago (Edited 5363d ago )

You have got to tell me how that logic works.

akashifire5363d ago

I believe it's called 'fanboy logic.' lol

ndpad5363d ago

wonder how long a company could last with that logic.

sikbeta5363d ago

That not sound right, is not the leader, but push the boundaries more than other consoles could be a better post XP

Shnazzyone5363d ago

SONY lost over $600 million in Q2 this year. That only goes to prove that Nintendo is right. If your broker turned your 1 billion dollar investment into 400 million... but he could do back flips and hand stands....that doesn't make him a good broker.