Rumor: Dead or Alive 5 In Production For PS3

GF: "If what we're hearing out of the European retail community is to be believed, it looks like the loss of Itagaki from Team Ninja has opened the doors for the Dead or Alive series to "broaden" it's horizons."

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Gandalf3271d ago

All I got to say is, "I love boobs."

Natsu X FairyTail3271d ago


I doubt it though. Xbox360,PS3 is more likely.

Dragun6193271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I'm pretty sure DOA5 will be on PS3, considering the new Team Ninja with Yosuke Hayashi in charge has expressed their interest in the PS3 (NGS 1&2).

Ilikegames763271d ago

shake the boobs like in NG Sigma?

hay3270d ago

I've been waiting years for this, bring it on!

sikbeta3270d ago

That will be awesome, fist day purchase lol

ABizzel13270d ago

Well it's kind of a no duh now that Itagaki (the PS Nazi) is gone. Ninja Gaiden 2 was never coming to the PS3 according to him, and it didn't just come it came out much better. Tecmo is starting to make exclusive games for the PS3 as well (Quantum). So why keep Dead or Alive on the 360 when you can also have it on the PS3 (where fighting games tend to sell the most), and get double the profit.

DOA 4 sold over slightly over 1 million copies on the 360.

Put 5 on the PS3 as well and boom you have 2.5 million copies which makes Tecmo happy.

Xgamerzus3270d ago

Much respect for Tecmo , NG2 was amazing on PS3!!
This game was definitely a 9 and the DOA series always had the upper punch (haha) when it came to boobies and game play and amazing environments!

Reibooi3270d ago

Personally I would not care which console the game comes to as long as it happens. It been such a long time since DOA 4 I was starting to think they may have given up on the franchise.

It would have been nice if they had made the game a PS3 exclusive because we could see what they could do if they just pushed the PS3 but obviously that won't be happening if the game is on 360 as well. With the game being on both consoles I don't see it having that much of a graphical leap as it should.

cyberwaffles3270d ago

game is only worth looking at. good graphics and nice assets, or should i say boobets, is the only thing good about DOA. it's more of a button smasher than anything else.

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slave2Dcontroller3271d ago

didnt see this coming. I too beleieve it will be teh multi platz

vhero3271d ago

360 owners HOPE it will be multiplat seems a new trend is coming.. And MS are no longer so eager to put their hand in their pockets as they used to as they still havn't seen that money come back yet.

reintype3270d ago

Because I want the "SIGMA" version!

The 360 can have their Lady Spartan, but they better put NARIKO as a guest character fro the PS3!

Unicron3271d ago

Please be more DOA2 hardcore and less DOA4. PLEASE. I hated how the series changed. I liked it more when it was a simple, fun party game.

toaster3271d ago

LOL Yeah right. DOA has been one of the most competitive fighting games ever, besides the the masterpiece that is the Street Fighter series of course.

Redempteur3270d ago

DOA ?? i think you're confused ... you meant

Virtua fighter as most competitive fighter even on par with Street ..

Or maybe tekken ?

But DOA never got close to them

HDgamer3271d ago

This was going to happen again, it happened on the ps2.

MajestieBeast3271d ago

Itagaki is gone maybe the series can go back to its roots and not in to the game that makes you look like a perv if you choose a female character.

Elven63270d ago

Itagaki made Team Ninja pervy? You do realize Sigma 2 had some characters redone to look more attractive (Ayane IIRC), new characters introduced with big boobs, a new control option implemented that allows you to jiggle boobs with your controller, and a viral ad campaign that involved fake boobs being plastered on a wall right?

1 person didn't make Team Ninja that way, they were like that way without him!

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