Reggie: "Open up your wallets" on third party content

"During tonight's Gametrailers feature on Nintendo, Reggie Fils Aime comments on third party sales of core titles including Dead Space Extraction."

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ndpad5375d ago

The sales could be due to many reasons including games being made as ports, or games being short in the gameplay.

buckethead_9115375d ago

I should open up my wallet to buy all the shovelware the wii has? No thanks.

mikeslemonade5375d ago

Reggie, it's not in HD. The hardcore gamer like myself will not buy it.

ChickeyCantor5375d ago (Edited 5375d ago )

"The hardcore gamer like myself "

Thank common sense there is another definition for "hardcore" lying around somewhere.

yes indeed, like yourself.

WAR_MACHINE775375d ago

Being in HD really has nothing to do with it. Nintendo forgot who made them and decided to make a system that doesn't cater to hardcore gamers. So when third party devs try to release a game made for hardcore gamers, it falls flat on its face because there isn't much of an audience for it on the system.

ChickeyCantor5374d ago (Edited 5374d ago )

" Nintendo forgot who made them"


Nintendo always sold more to the casual crowd.
The GCN only sold 22 million, if you were to believe they were all hardcore gamers than you are just kidding yourself.
"casual" gamers are in the majority.

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Gandalf5375d ago

But I need that money for tacos.

HolaTarola5375d ago

and Chimichangas, tacos and chimichangas.

pimpmaster5375d ago

wtf is a chimichanga, im mexican and i seriously dont know what that is.

kingme715374d ago

A chimichanga is a small edible dog.

ReviewsArePolitics5375d ago

Actually make your console worth more than its market value. Until then, I'll just buy everything used or stick to my fully featured current-gen games, not the last-gen crap you are trying to pass off as next-gen.

P.S.: Where is my Zelda?

kerrak5375d ago

Is this all the support Nintendo can offer to third parties? Ask users to "open their wallets"?

Sarcasm5375d ago

Users: "No, we won't open our wallets."
Nintendo: "Oh okay. Now for more important news, Super Duper Wii Fit Sports Resort with Super Wii Motion Plus Two! Buy that instead!"
*Sells 8 million copies*


ozstar5374d ago

You know the joke is that in any other industry, where a monopoly on content sales was controlled by the producer of the content viewer, there would be complaints of bias and anti competitiveness.
No one complains when Sony products are principally selling Sony Columbia Tristar films and Sony Music.
Nintendo HAVE a monopoly because of their quality product, its that simple, and it is 3rd parties who are to blame for the lack of interest in their titles.

Kisama5375d ago

Dead Space probably would have sold well if it wasn't an on-rails shooter.

ndpad5375d ago

It also amazes me that it is hard to find in retailers. I've heard retailers have low or no copies on shelves at target and walmart.

That certainly doesn't help matters much.

EvilTwin5374d ago

Yeah, a six-hour long rail shooter without much replay incentive simply isn't worth $50. Core gamers will wait for a price drop, and more casual gamers trust a more established IP like HotD or RE's "Chronicle" games.

Hopefully Silent Hill sells well enough to show people that if you put in the effort, the market is there.

For Reggie, though...eh. He's probably frustrated, as are most in Nintendo, that third parties have offered so much shovelware. When good games come out, you'd hope they sell well. But it's not like MadWorld or Extraction were AAA titles.

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