World Of Warcraft Tier 10 Priest And Paladin Armor Sets Revealed

Blizzard unveiled two more sets of Tier 10 armor today that will be added in Patch 3.3. This time, the Paladin and Priest sets are on display.

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toaster3268d ago

Where's the love for Druids?? :(

moe843268d ago


Taken from WOR
*Death Knight
Scourgelord's Battlegear
Scourgelord's Plate
Lasherweave Garb
Lasherweave Regalia
Lasherweave Battlegear
Ahn'Kahar Blood Hunter's Battlegear
Bloodmage's Regalia
Lightsworn Garb
Lightsworn Battlegear
Lightsworn Plate
Crimson Acolyte's Raiment
Crimson Acolyte's Regalia
Shadowblade's Battlegear
Frost Witch's Garb
Frost Witch's Regalia
Frost Witch's Battlegear
Dark Coven's Regalia
Ymirjar Lord's Battlegear
Ymirjar Lord's Plate

Phaqutomb3267d ago

i would love to get that armor for my mage it looks bad a** and the same goes for the death knight.