Fan-Made Zelda Movie Screening In Los Angeles

The Hero of Time is an independent production produced by BMB Finsihed, a band a avid Zelda fans wanting to see there favorite video game character in his own feature length film.

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Bereaver3270d ago

Stupid ogre "Ninji" reports things lame because he doesn't care about them. I think it's rather cool to see fanmade videos, especially good ones. It's like the better side of cosplay.

Ninji, yo! Brother! GGGGTTTTTFFFFOOOO! Ohhh if you don't understand it means, GTFO.

Vonsutton3270d ago

I was surprised by his report, I mean, it's a legitimate news post. I'm a massive old-school Zelda fan and even though the flick is low-budget, I think they have done a pretty good job!