IGN: Gran Turismo 5's Newest Addition

When Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi hits the floor of the Special Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show to look at cars, he's accompanied by a phalanx of helpers, handlers, assistants, PR flaks and even a personal photographer to document the annual pilgrimage.

The group cuts a lumpy swath through the crowd as the notorious car nut (universally referred to as just Kazunori) makes his way from one outrageous vehicle to the next. He's here to pick the winning custom automobile for the annual SEMA Gran Turismo Awards, and he doesn't waste any time getting down to business

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Domer253267d ago

agreed good choice on the classic

Bathyj3267d ago

Is it just me, or does that matt black Lambro look gorgeous?

Greywulf3267d ago

im addicted to matte black. I hope its at LEAST a custom paint option for most vehicles.

Bathyj3267d ago

It occurred to me that every car is gloss.

Matt black looks so awesome.

It looks like a PSlim.

Why o why3267d ago

since robocop. Their cop cars were ahead of their time.

MK24ever3267d ago

They are very very hard to wash, and they get dirty to fast to.

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dappaute3267d ago

its funny how they have a forza 3 ad embedded in the page.

HDgamer3267d ago

It is the definite racers with the definite glitches that makes super mario kart 64 look more sane.

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The story is too old to be commented.