Windows 7 sales exceed Vista sales by 234%

Windowsteamblog: "It has been quite amazing to watch the global excitement build around Windows 7, especially during a tough economic climate. It was just a few short weeks ago that we learned about Windows 7 outselling the UK's "own" Harry Potter. In Japan, anxious PC users waited in line to be one of the first to get their hands on Windows 7. And just today, according to the NPD groups' weekly tracking service, Windows 7 software unit sales in the U.S. increased 234% over Windows Vista's first few days of sales."

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evrfighter3269d ago

Guess I'll be the first to say what most people here @ N4G didn't want to hear.

Windows 7 is a major hit. May you rest in piece XP you served me well.

MegaPowa3269d ago

Windows 7 is working great so far