Is Matchmaking Better than a Dedicated Server?

Tory from That Aussie Game Site writes, "Coming from a predominantly console playing ethos, where matchmaking rules supreme, the biggest problem I'd face would be a drunken blog editor or curse wielding junior. However, recently I've been subjected to PC gaming and its lobby system - along with it the flaws that stick out like glowing beacons of fail."

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Pandamobile3269d ago

Without dedicated servers, there will be more hackers and glitchers than ever before. Not to mention all the horrid connectivity issues we'll have from P2P servers.

Dedicated servers have admins and moderators which are essentially a police force against hackers, glitchers, spammers, annoying 12 year olds, etc. If they see a hacker they press the perma-ban button which bans the culprit from that server for life. Now we'll be forced to suffer. Thanks IW!

dgroundwater3269d ago

Agreed. I'm a console gamer, and when I visit friends houses and they are playing TF2 on PC, I can tell how much more customized their experience is. They don't groan about things they would rather not play, they just don't play them! And hackers are more common on PC due to it's ease, so dedicated servers are a must to permaban them.

mistajeff3269d ago

Some people prefer matchmaking, though. Which is fine. So why can't they do BOTH?! If people like the matchmaking service to find their games for them, so be it, let them have their 9 vs 9 cap and their subtle and not-so-subtle p2p lag, but there's no reason to force everyone to take the technical step backwards in the name of "ease of use."

And I'm not so sure about what he said about the people you find through matchmaking to be more 'tolerable.' I can't tell you how many "f*ggots" and "n*ggers" I heard in my 2 free months of Xbox Live on CoD4, it's tragically common and you have to put up with it until the match is over and you're re-matched with a fresh batch of 12 year olds who think racism puts hair on your chest. But I know from years of Counter-Strike, if you pull any of that sh!t on a dedicated server you'll be booted before you get the chance to respawn.

The Tour Man3269d ago

It's like asking which is better, 360 (matchmaking p2p) or PS3 (dedicated servers). Of course the PS3 wins.

El_Colombiano3269d ago

Oh God. IW is getting to the young generation of gamers. They will grow up thinking P2P is the best way to play and will allow sh*t like this to spread.


DonCorneo3269d ago

won't be long before see a variant of that in mw2

oh yeah, i wonder if host migration in mw2 will be similar to uncharted 2.

The_Perverted_Ninja3269d ago

On PC I go to a nice server with nice ppl and enjoy myself. If someone comes in and cheats or causes problems they get a perma ban plain and simple. Now if I want to play a game I can't on PC like Halo 3 I'm forced to listen to some punk kid yell stupid cliche childish taunts like you did. It's all you fail laced with some terrible term directed toward black or Jewish people. Or the ever popular lets talk about my penis for a few hours... It's not so bad on most genres like RPGS but FPS have some of the worst people I have ever met. I can only speak for myself but I just don't want anything to do with being forced to play with anyone because even though 75% of gamers are fine to play with those 25% of others are so nasty they ruin whatever good time I could have had playing online. Lack of mods more players and everything else aside I just would like it to be optional not mandatory. If we could ever get to a point that games aren't plagued with weirdos and racists it wouldn't be a problem but that world may never exist. at least not in our lifetime... So make it optional IW please.

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The story is too old to be commented.