Geometry Wars for PS3?

Geometry Wars was pioneered and perfected on the Xbox platforms, but news of the series making a surprise leap to Nintendo systems has got everyone asking when PS3 will get a go.

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Quicksilva4582d ago

I don't think the Cell proccessor could handle it. ^_^

JasonXE4582d ago

to come out with Geometry Wars 2 for the 360 but with multiplayer already.

Lord Anubis4582d ago

I have not played Geometry wars but if its anything like Blast Factor then I would buy it.

TruthHurts4582d ago

Geometry Wars is my favorite game on the 360.

Arkham4582d ago

As long as I can play Rez, I care nothing for GW. If they brought out a 360-only version of Rez, well... That would be an interesting time indeed.

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