Android Mobile Sales Chart - October 2009

FADE LLC presents sales estimates for the Android mobile gaming platform for October. Highlights include top 10 games by revenue, data on the 53% increase in revenue from the month prior and more.

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Braineater24483271d ago

It's amazing how much larger the Apple AppStore is...and it's only 2 devices.

bmw693271d ago

With a 30m+ userbase!

Braineater24483270d ago

Actually I think between the iPhone and iPod Touch, there are 50 million devices. iPhone alone had sold 33 million + wordwide.

bmw693270d ago

Well ok sure - even more then! Android phones are probably less than one million worldwide

ktchong3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Just like Windows PC overtook Mac.

Because Android, like Windows PC, is a much more "free" environment for developers and users. i.e., I can't freely customize and personalize the hardware for a Mac, but I can for a PC.

FPShooter3270d ago

I love Android. I'm posting this comment from my G1. The updates are great and I hope it continues in a positive direction.

Braineater24483270d ago

Sucks you won't get Android 2.0 . Im not trying to insult, I really do feel bad for you.