.hack//Link – new Famitsu scans

Some new .hack//Link pages from the November 6th Famitsu.

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Myst3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I wonder when there is going to be an MMO Adaption to this? I remember first seeing the Anime and hoping that there would be one. That was roughly 6 or something years ago? Sad to say one hasn't surfaced yet, but at least there are some games still coming out.

Now that I think about it the idea of the MMO could work rather well on the newer systems now. At least more so than the PS2 adaptions

sinncross3270d ago

There was an MMO for the PS2. It was called .hack//fragment.

I reckon they should resurrect that for PS3 or PSP considering it only had a JPN release.

Myst3270d ago

The funny thing is I just found out about Fragment about...two seconds ago lol. Thanks for that though bubbles for saying so. I do hope that they will bring it back in some form and bring it over to the west as well. Though it may not do as well since it seems like no one really knows of .hack to well.

knifefight3270d ago

Fragment was not an MMO. It was an offline game with an optional online mode, but not an MMORPG. It was more like Phantasy Star Online, not an MMO like EverQuest or World of Warcraft.

Also, the .hack franchise will never see an MMO adaptation. The series is ending in 2010, with //Link beig the last game. See also:

Myst3270d ago

Yeah I definitely saw some resemblences to the two when I was searching youtube for some footage. Sad to see that //link will be the last one, I think it would have made an interesting mmo, but it probably would not have fared well.

Thank you for the information and the link.

Redempteur3270d ago

The hack saga had a very nice story overall with many thing to explore or read ... it was definitly a great rpg saga ... after link i hope that cyber connect will start another RPG saga ( not like hack )

GU is very good ...

Myst3270d ago

Yeah it does, currently watching it now ( .hack//sign at the moment ) makes me want to pick up and play the PS2 games again. I'll more than likely try and finish at least two series of the saga by this weekend.

I wouldn't mind if Cyberconnect2 did a collection of it like the God of War collection, but it probably wouldn't move as heavily as GoW, so more than likely won't happen. Still though it'd be nice so I don't have to dig out my PS2 again.

MAiKU3269d ago

Is how well connected the anime/manga/games are story wise.

You have the serialized anime (.hack//sign) and the first 4 vol. to follow after that which fell in line with the ova and the series very well. Then there was the chibi anime .hack//gift of the twilight or something and then the whole .hack//roots and .hack//G.U. taking place after the MMO "the world" was revised.

I'm playing volume 2 right now of G.U. and it is amazing. Of course there are other bits in the story westerners won't get much light on such as the graphic novels and special "gift" anime episodes.

Redempteur3269d ago

if you're in the 2nd volume of GU be ready ...the third is awesome ...

the animes of hack are well filled with content , unfortunatly the pacing was horrible most of the time ... Thankfully ( in hack sign case , what encouraged people to stay was the soundtrack )

MAiKU3269d ago

Heh heh yes the pacing in .hack//sign was a bit slow, i sticked with it because i'm just facinated with that studio. They did the ghost in the shell and IGPX.

I kinda liked roots, it had the same pacing but it didn't feel as long as .hack//sign. The anime seem to set the stage for the games though.

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RedPawn3270d ago

You know seeing these character scans and their vibrance, really wants a new Lunar Saga.