Variety: Dedicated servers and Rage - news you probably don't want to hear

Variety writes:

John Carmack, co-founder and technical wizard of the developer, says the company doesn't plan to support dedicated servers for the multiplayer component of "Rage," id's upcoming new action game.

"It's not cast in stone yet, but at this point no, we don't think we will have dedicated servers," he says.

Infinity Ward made the same decision for "Modern Warfare 2" and has been facing a massive backlash among its fans. The inevitable online petition has gathered over 183,000 signatures and even the developer has acknowledged the backlash.

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Greywulf4242d ago

And what thanks do you get?

( cue rkelly s*(&( on you video )

mastiffchild4241d ago

Greywulf-you prolly know I've been saying for some time that IW would just be the thin end of a crappy wedge for PC gamers. Decs and manyfacturers and publishers are getting greedy as they know what they can get away with on consoles. Console gamers, insyead of seeing the good that comes from having a vibrant PC scene feel likwe PC gamers shouldn't get special treatment for less money(also forgetting that it's the PC gamers themselves making the mods, running the servers).

This is sh1tty. But is it more crappy than the trnd towards fewer games that are console exc,.lusive to 360 not going to PC these days? Gmes like Fable2 and Gears2 would have used to be certs for PC but not now. Do you think AW will ever appear on PC now it looks like MS want it as a TRUE 360 exclusive?

I tell you the PC gamer is being sqyeezed out here and it stinks. What's worse is when IW lied about why like we're all stupid! If Sony can manage some dedicateds for most first party PS3 online games why not PC stalwarts like iD?

It stinks and if PC gamers, 360 gamers and PS3 gamers can't sand together over this we'll all get shafted harder and harder and forever. They rely on the lack of support between the communities(which m,ust turn into ONE community of GAMERS)if treatment like this isn't going to become even worse for us all. I know a lot of people ae sick of me banging on but when we're all paying more and getting much less on PC AND on console don't say you weren't told what was happening.

It's been true for an age but gets moreso every day-we're one of the worst treated bunch of consumers there is today and for a largely computer literate bogy it's a disgrace we can't get our act together to sop it. Here endeth the rant. Again.

sikbeta4241d ago

MAN, this is starting to be something common or what, Damn!!!

mistajeff4242d ago

*clings to Valve for dear life*

omni_atlas4242d ago

Well id, you've lost my money a long time ago, and sure as hell not getting it back.

You want my money, you gotta earn it.

Saryk4241d ago

It will depend on the single player for me to buy it. If it is MW2 length, no thanks.