Top Ten Most Downloaded PSN Games of October

The top 10 most downloaded PSN games in the month of October.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3322d ago

FFVII is no. 1 again, not surprising. By E3 next year, SE should be ready to have a megaton reveal of FFVII Remake. Yeah, a guy can dream. :)

nix3321d ago

damn.. why hasn't sony released PSN cards in India... it really makes me angry to see all the PSN games that i can't buy.

ABizzel13321d ago

I wonder how many copies is that by now.

TotalPS3Fanboy3321d ago

"FFVII is no. 1 again, not surprising. By E3 next year, SE should be ready to have a megaton reveal of FFVII Remake. Yeah, a guy can dream. :)"

Of course, with the wise Wada in charge of SE, FF7 Remake is already guarentee to happen... on the iMac. Stupid business move. That's Wada.

Trebius3321d ago

I see a game on PSN from the PS1 era, and you decide to buy it...but then the graphics make you not play...?


If you cant sit down and enjoy a game like MGS or FFVII because it has last-last-gen graphics...then you're not a gamer. PERIOD.

There are a LOT of games from past generations that should be played by everyone, and i understand the graphics arent all that good, but c'mon, what were you thinking when you downloaded an old game on PSN? Did you think it'd be remastered in HD or something??

I pity people that cant enjoy a game if it doesnt have next gen graphics...

They've missed out on the best games EVER created.

Because i'll tell you this much, the games from the Super NES/Genesis era are the games that really defined gaming and led up to what we have today.

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Ninji3322d ago

S-E will just find some way to screw it up like the rest of their garbage.

FiftyFourPointTwo3322d ago

I''m pretty sure its coming. If there is one FF that I want to have a remake the most, its FFVI, but it will not happen. Sadly.

STK0263321d ago

it will happen. SE has, in the last few years, re-released FF1 and FF2 with significant updates, has remade FF3 and FF4 in 3D on the DS, and are likely working on FF5 on the DS aswell (or did they already announce it?). Just wait and you'll see, every single FF game will see an updated release or a complete remake, all depending on what SE sees as the most profitable. FF6, considering it was, jsut like FF3 and FF4 a SNES game, is likely to get a 3D makeover on the DS, anything after it however, is anyone's guess, as there's no way they'd put FF7 on the DS.

FiftyFourPointTwo3321d ago

What I want is a FFVI console remake, not a DS one. :(

TooTall193322d ago

Man I haven't played FFVII or the original MGS. Those are the one's I want to play but they're both $10

Dutch Boogie3321d ago

Wow you cheap b..... their just $10. And besides they are more than worth it. History defying games like MGS and FF7 should not be missed mate.

NegativeCreepWA3321d ago

I bought FFVII on PSN. But I cant believe your actually going to justify paying $10.00 for 15 year old games, when people like yourself are complaining about paying $20.00 for a 1-2 year old games on On Demand.

Carl14123321d ago

Find it for cheaper than $10 in a shop in working condition then. That's the gripe with GoD. Not the price; the price relative to those in shops.

NegativeCreepWA3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

Your a fool if you think their going to have them priced the same as retailers that lower the price just to get rid of them.

Psone games on PSN $6-10, Xbox originals $15, On demand games $20-30. Compared to what games from previous gens are selling for, its not as bad as people make it out to be. Sure I can and would rather go find a cheaper version. But there's no way it'll ever be competitive with used prices nor should they be.

TooTall193321d ago

I just bought Borderlands and MW2. The I haven't gotten them cause they are PSone games. While they were great back in the day standards have gotten higher and I don't know if I'll like them. I want MGS mostly for the story but I'm not sure I can go back to that camera style.

LostCypher113321d ago

You will not find FFVII any cheaper then this. most game shops sell if for $40-90. I had 2 copies of it, and recently sold one for $65

kraze073321d ago

Like Cypher said you won't be able to find a copy of FF7 for less than the PSN price. I stopped in this one game store and they were selling it new for over a $130.

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Dutch Boogie3321d ago

I really hope SE make a ff7 ps3 remake before the end of this generation. If they are smart enough they would capitalize and follow suit on the idea. It would make them millions and this is the proof.

sikbeta3321d ago

Is not Squaresoft anymore XP

Noctis Aftermath3321d ago

i'd rather they just "Remaster" it for now and then do a complete remake on the PS4.

potedude3321d ago

I don't know why people love this game so much, the graphics suck and I never finished it. Too hard to tell what was going on...

Noctis Aftermath3321d ago

That is fine, if your ignorant to not see past the graphics, or pay attention to the story then it is your loss.

NegativeCreepWA3321d ago

I bought then found myself unable to play it. The game didn't age well at all. I don't even think it was the graphics that bother me, it was playing in 3d world and being stuck going up, down, left and, right. It was just way to odd after all these years. And I cant believe the horrendous sound was top notch back then. It really made me realize how far games have come.

Trebius3321d ago

You're definitely not a mental heavyweight are you...?


You rode the little bus to school?


It's ok...

they make games for people like you too...
Go buy a button masher with shiny colors everywhere...


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