Modern Warfare 2: Shooting civilians leads to "Game Over" screen in German version

In the German version of Modern Warfare 2 players will not be given the choice to either watch or participate in the much discussed airport scene which was leaked via video stream last week. As soon as you try to shoot civilians, the game just leads to a "Game Over" screen. This slight but noticeable cut is a big letdown for many Germans who have already pre-ordered their region's version because Activision Blizzard formerly announced very specifically that there would be absolutely no censorship in Modern Warfare 2 for the German market.

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DavidMacDougall3269d ago

If only it happened it real life sh!t like this wouldn't be cutting into peoples entertainment, its only a game!

hakeem09963267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

I must admit tht i felt a little weird doing that mission,killing innocent people changes you But at the end it made me hate Makharov more

Ratchet_Co3269d ago

Wow, don't you have to shoot a few at one point in the level?

mistajeff3269d ago

No, but you do have to shoot the riot police that show up.

Shmotz3267d ago

I'm surprised they even allowed you to play that part at all since the Germans usually censor a lot of stuff.