New Super Mario Bros. Wii Multiplayer Mode Exists Thanks To Wii's "Graphical Capacity"

Says Miyamoto - "It was all thanks to the graphical capacity of Wii console. If two players or more are simultaneously controlling Mario and Luigi in the same screen on a platformer game, the slower player will be left behind by the faster player, beyond the game screen. This time the screen zooms in and out accordingly, thanks to the capacity of the Wii console. The camera can zoom out as far as three times wider where you can see a very small Mario running around, and zoom in to show huge Mario and Luigi. The camera will work automatically and simultaneously, according to the position of four players. That's how we realized a Mario game which can be played by up to four players at the same time."

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Mista T3269d ago

I laugh whenever I see wii, and graphical capacity in the same sentence :P

Parapraxis3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

wow...I never thought I'd say this..

But I really think Miyamoto is trolling them. o_O

PS: If I had a WII I'd be buying this game day 1, it looks fantastic.

eelnats20003269d ago

The PS3 and the Xbox360 are no match for Wii's "graphical capacity"!
<end sarcasm>

Seriously speaking. Nintendo should just port this to 360 and PS3.
SUPER mario needs to be in SUPER hi-def!


gintoki7773269d ago

definitely ............ when they couldnt add peach in the game because of her dress..........only on the wii

HolyOrangeCows3269d ago

...only possible on the Wii :P

iamtehpwn3268d ago

What they mentioned....could've technically been on N64.

Arnon3268d ago

What's this new fangled technology called multiplayer? Must be something huge considering how powerful that Nin-ten-doh Wee is.


Aside from making myself look like a jackass, I'm actually looking forward to a few Wii games, surprisingly.

-New Super Mario Bros. Wii
-Monster Hunter 3
-Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3
-Metroid: Other M
-Zelda Wii

REALgamer3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Four 3D nintendo character running and jumping on screen from a 2D zooming in and out.....even Peach's dress....

I could swear I saw all that in Smash Bros Melee on the GameCube and even Smash Bros on the N64, but I must be mistaken - camera zooming with 4 players has never been possible before the Wii....

StanLee3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Watching GameTrailers TV right now. The game looks great. I'm getting this game day one. This game seriously is what LittleBigPlanet's multiplayer should have been. The platforming is tight and the levels have really been expanded and improved upon for co-op. Mario is still the best platformer ever. Wii hate aside, this game looks fantastic.

@ PS3freak18

Yeah, Reggie is nuts if he thinks it outsells Modern Warfare 2 this holidays but maybe lifetime sales will surpass Modern Warfare 2.

PS3Freak3268d ago

Some guy who works with Nintendo was just on Gametrailers tv. He said that he thinks this game will sell more than Modern Warfare 2. I will sell alot no doubt, but it DEFFINETLY will not sell more than MW2.

Mini Mario3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Ah it actually makes sence. From memory the last time we saw a 2D mario on a console was on the super nes. And im pretty positive that the wii is more powerful than the super nes.

So really what he is saying is true. The n64 and gamecube didnt have any platforming mario games (and not paper mario as that is a action rpg). When the n64 arrived most people wanted 3D and not so much 2D (as thats all we had previously).

Why they didnt do it on the gamecube tho i dont know. It wasnt selling well i guess they didnt want to waste a great game for nothing. Plus they couldve already had one planned for the DS.

Widescreen tvs could of been a factor too as there are 4 playble characters and the camera zooms in and out all the time. Widescreen tvs or more common these days too, plus it would make sense to want to play it on a wider screen.

Sorry i had to explain it to you guys but i know how you like to change things to make it sound good for your own "logic"

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rhood0223269d ago

Probably a poor translation. But funny nonetheless.

crck3269d ago

He's basically saying the awesome power of the Wii lets them zoom the camera in and out so people don't have to be cut out of the screen if they are lagging.

sashimi3269d ago

totally agree with you guys

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