Halo: Reach, The Return of Master Chief? Leaked Images and Info.

The recently leaked images of Halo: Reach weapons/perks show a glimpse at the topside of the hand holding them and it appears to be that of Master Chief.

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markbob3269d ago

Well Master Chief is on Reach during the invasion.

So that makes sense that we would play as him or atleast see him if we play as another spartan.

Mr Logic3269d ago

People seem to not understand that since this is before Halo it's not a "return".

Nostradavis3269d ago

From a gamer standpoint it marks the return of us being able to play him so I think my headline makes sense.

BadboyCivic3603269d ago

i expect alot of reach info in the coming days

Blaze9293269d ago

People seem to not understand Master Chief wasn't the only Spartan...

StanLee3269d ago

How is this leaked? Waypoint launched today. I just downloaded it.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

The fall of Reach takes place right before Mater Chief boards the Pillar of Autumn as the last Spartan alive at the very beginning of Halo: Combat Evolved, so it only makes sense that Master Chief appears sometime in the game. Not to mention, Master Chief is the best Spartan, hence the name "Master Chief" and in the novel "The Fall of Reach" it says he's in the battle for Reach so it's a no brainer.

Edit: LOL at the disagrees! What I said about the beginning of Halo: CE is 100% true and Master Chief HAS to appear at some point, even if it's a very short time, because he's the only Spartan to make it out alive. The end of Reach is the beginning of Halo: CE so they have to include Master Chief in at least the end of the game. They could focus on another squad the for most of the game but they have to at least have Master Chief at the end.

ThanatosDMC3269d ago

If they read the novel, then no duh that he's there... ignorant people. Heck, i bet it's on wiki.

dbf3269d ago

MC isn't the only spartan left after Reach falls, read "Ghosts of Onyx"

Munky3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Yes all 33 of the Spartans were sent to Reach, but they were split into two groups. One group which consisted of MC, Linda, and James, the other group consisted of the rest of the Spartans which was led my Fred. Many of the Spartans died when their pelican had to crash land onto earth, off the top of my head I believe only 12 survived. As for the group that was still in orbit (to either destroy something or to stop the covenant from getting important info, I don't remember) the only one that survived was MC, James was blasted into space and Linda "died" but was later revived. MC is not the only Spartan still alive, for sure Fred, Kelly, Linda, and 5 Spartan III's are stuck on (in) Onyx. Their is the "grey" team which is made up of three Spartans still alive but were to far away (possibly behind enemy lines) to be sent to help on Reach. So all in all their are enough Spartans alive and well, I just hope this games ends up as good as the novels are.

Reibooi3269d ago

Well personally I think most of these screens are so blurry that I don't feel comfortable calling them real or not.

As for the master chief thing. The game takes place on Reach an event in the Halo universe that Master Chief was present for however he was not the character we now know of at that time in the time line. Also ALL the Spartans wear that armor so just because the hand looks the same means nothing. It could just as easily be any of the other Spartans from the books as they will certainly be involved.

RockmanII73269d ago

Fred, Kelly, and Linda are still alive if I remember correctly.

iagainsti1203269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

i bet that you get to play as Fred because MC is in Space the whole time reach is being invaded and Fred is 2nd only to MC in combat ability if i remember correctly, now that i think about it we may get to rescue that damn Admiral.
and play with Mini Shiva Warheads hehehe

Rock Bottom3268d ago

Wait! Halo reach is a FPS?

LastDance3268d ago

Yeah sik!! epic return..What's it been...few months or something?

Thank God he is back to show no expression or give us any kind of emotion.
What is Halo without that.

vhero3268d ago

Another Halo FPS that looks exactly the same as the last one?? Can you say a big expansion pack? Especially if it is MC. Halo needs something new to its universe not another version of Halo 3 with a new story. Yet it will get great reviews even though its exactly the same game with a different story. If any other game series tried it they would be shot down instantly.

ABizzel13268d ago

Isn't Halo: Reach a prequel meaning that the Spartans are still alive. So you may not be playing as Master Chief maybe as another Spartan (hopefully one with a personality).

But on to the game. If these are real (which I must say they look very real) then I guess the rumor I heard of Bungie using a new engine for Reach is true, either that or they worked wonders out of their old engine. The game looks a lot better in those screen, not best of the best in the shooter genre, but certainly a leap up from the previous installments.

Aquanox3268d ago

Looking at how detailed the weapons are (even when the screens are blury) it's clear that they belong to a completely new Graphic Engine. I love the way it looks, less cartoony. I really hope these are real. The Halo 3 Engine age was way too obvious in ODST.

LaChance3268d ago

I know they are only camera pics but wow do the graphics look tight !!!

The graphics have definitly improved a alot! Its almost like a leap from old gen to next gen for the Halo series lol.

IdleLeeSiuLung3268d ago

The graphics is significantly improved as well.

catguykyou3268d ago

I'm pretty sure, if you look at how ODST was set up, we will get to play as a few different Spartans in REACH. They invested heavily on how to set switching between characters without jarring the Immersion of the gamer to not use it again. I expect we will get to play as a few different characters. Glad to see that they will be using different "perks" as was talked about in the book. IE: one spartan has better shields, one has really good sniper perks, one is really fast.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3269d ago

The king of the most generic characters. -__-

ReviewsArePolitics3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Poor X-tards, getting excited about nothing but generic garbage.

LOL, look at the graphics, it looks exactly like Halo 2.1 a.k.a. Halo 3

chrisulloa3269d ago

Generic character? LOL good one. Name one space marine main character in an FPS that came before him.

Gabe EatsWell3269d ago

Green Ranger > Master Queef

Barbapapa3269d ago

halo sux without MC, like MGS without snake :P

PeptoBismol3269d ago

the Sony fanboys on here sound a lot like the bots earlier this gen.

it's just getting really annoying.


Didn't know it was Power Ranger Hour over at the M$ Farm.

kevinx10003269d ago

"LOL, look at the graphics, it looks exactly like Halo 2.1 a.k.a. Halo 3."

you do realise this is a very early built, don't you?

how's halo 3 suddenly halo 2.1. it's a worthy next game.
new engine, much better graphics, gameplay renewal, tons of feautures, finish the fight.

halo 1 was the #1 game for it's time, halo 2 was the #1 game for its time, halo 3 was the #1 for its time (and it's still in the top) and halo reach will THE game to play in 2010 and 11.

4point7BillionLoss3268d ago

... excactly $4.7 billion marketing halo reach !!!!

Upbeat3265d ago

says at the main menu "start solo game" this must mean there is going to be co op :O

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FrankDaTank3269d ago

Looks like MC's hand to me. All who argue against it are foolish! Time to grab another beer.

NoBias3269d ago

There's more than one spartan, smarty. That's like looking at someone in full S.W.A.T. gear and saying "Oh, that's GOTTA be 'John Doe'!!!"

Saaking3269d ago

Master Chief is THE WORST character ever. ZERO personality. It just a super powered space marine dressed like a power ranger.

jhooty143269d ago

Saaking are all ur comments fanboy related? lol mt fave charecter is solid snake kratos and nathan drake

Sandwich Bender3269d ago

Don't forget about Gordon Freeman!

But yeah, I agree with Master Chief not being that great.

4point7BillionLoss3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

it's all about CORTANA !!!!

They could render halo reach on the halo two engine it'll still be better than flozone and unfarted !!!

TheBand1t3269d ago

Master Chief is a could be any SPARTAN.

jerethdagryphon3268d ago

they had a chance tomake reach something truly spectacular but i fear they will end up with another squad based fps with halo skin,

they could have done so much more even if they had to take a bit of license from the books

and switch the squads,