Activision: New Call of Duty, Guitar Hero in 2010

Publisher confirms the obvious.

November 5, 2009 - During Activision's 3rd quarter financial call this afternoon, chief financial office Thomas Tipple highlighted the company's outlook for 2010, and confirmed a slew of new titles, including a new Call of Duty and Guitar Hero game.

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Delta3296d ago

Then the next year and the next and the next and the next......
Till the end of time.......

Saaking3296d ago

GASP! Big surprise!/ sarcasm.

Blaze9293296d ago

Ok, and I thought GH5 was enough. Seriously now if people actually buy the next GH game something is truly wrong. How many GH games can one person buy!? GH5's improvements were so little I thought GH5 would be the last

zeeshan3296d ago

Another COD? GH5? Milk that cow dry!

deadreckoning6663296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

LOL, and people will buy it all over again. U guys call it milking, I call it being smart. Why would Activision NOT produce more if they KNOW it'll sell like hotcakes? People who buy COD and GH over and over again are raping THEMSELVES. Activision doesn't put a gun to ANYONE's head, they just make the product available.

Activision is a business FIRST, remember that and ull understand why Activision isn't at fault here. If u guys wanna point fingers, point them at the gamers who make the choice to keep buying milked franchises cause in the end, there WILLINGLY doing the buying.

Ever heard the phrase "Give the people what they want." Thats all that Activision is doing. Seeing as how Modern Warfare 2 is the most pre-ordered game in Gamestop history, it seems that the vast MAJORITY of gamers don't mind what Activision is doing. I pre-ordered Bad Company 2 today after hearing about the beta and the Gamestop guy was shocked that I had no interest in pre-ordering Modern Warfare 2. So yea lol, milking or not, MW2 will be huge.

kikicub3296d ago

they say "innovative" titles.....delusional, i say.

sikbeta3296d ago

Anything shocking, quite the opposite, all of us know this always happen and is proportional to the franchise sales and overhype

So, the more people buy COD, the more the franchise is milking and the less of quality is get in the process of develop It

evrfighter3296d ago

"I call it being smart. "

I call it short term investment. Both franchises are gonna fail miserably in the coming years. Once that happens Blizzard games will be next.

They are effectively showing business students how not to run a company.

ReservoirDog3163296d ago

And people will still keep buying it every single year.

Jesus Christ man. Can't we all just grow a backbone and not buy their stuff? Are we as a community that weak?

Let's just hope the natural progression of these things is they slowly get better and release a new risky IP and a great survival horror game. Kinda like EA.

God, I don't even think EA was this bad though...

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Gandalf3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Wow, Activision's really raping their customers.

FantasyStar3296d ago

I laughed so hard, my sides are hurting! XD ow....haha

kissmeimgreek3296d ago

if theres one thing all gamers should be able to agree with, its that activision is a piece of sh!t company that just milks franchises dry.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

And expect more 10/10's from the reviewers. Just look at the rumored 9.5 from IGN. Apparently they just love to play the same game over and over again. XD

pansenbaer3296d ago

I am too. Should have read, New Guitar Hero'S...

Bumpmapping3296d ago


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